These 3 water-saving gadgets can cut your bills by £150

by | Aug 8, 2023 | Water

Installing water-saving gadgets around your home is an easy way to cut your bills and your carbon footprint.

If you have a water meter installed then the less water you use, the less you’ll have to pay each month. Whether you have a water meter or not, saving hot water will cut your energy usage and bills.

These handy water-saving gadgets take just a few minutes to install and could save you more than £150 a year!

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Toilet Hippo Water Saver

£3.49, save £40+ a year on water bills. 

A Hippo saver is a classic water-saving gadget

They might not have the most glamorous name, but toilet hippo water savers are a cheap and simple way to save water in the bathroom. Simply pop a hippo into the cistern of your toilet and you’ll reduce the amount of water you waste with each flush.

A household of four will flush the toilet an average of twenty times a day, and the hippo water saver saves up to 2L each time. Over a year, one hippo will save around 14,600L of water and cut £40 off your metered water bill. This is based on the smaller 7L hippo, if you have a larger toilet then you can save even more.


Lowenergie Shower Head

£16.99, save £50+ a year on your bills.

The lowenergie water-saving shower head can help you save on your bills

Switching from baths to showers is one of the first suggestions you’ll come across when it comes to saving water. If you’ve already made the switch, swapping your shower head for a low-flow option could help you save even more.

These water-saving gadgets don’t require any tools to install and could save a family of four more than £50 a year.


Water droplet shower timer

£4.99, save £60 a year.

This waterproof shower timer is shaped like a drop of water

Okay, it’s at the low-tech end of water-saving gadgets, but these cute shower timers can be a great way to keep track of your time under the spray.

It’s estimated that everyone in your household keeping their showers to four minutes could save you up to £60 a year. If you find yourself spending too long getting sudsy a little reminder might be just what you need.


Please Connect Me Top Tip!

Depending on your water supplier, you might be able to claim some of these items for free. Read more about how you can claim your free water-saving devices here.


How we estimated your savings

We based the water bill savings we’ve given on Thames Water’s metered charge per cubic meter (1000L). This is 277.77p (£2.77) per m3, 177.60p for water and 100.17p for wastewater.

Your savings will vary depending on your supplier, and we also haven’t accounted for the extra savings you’ll make on your energy bills by using less hot water.


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