Yes, you can get water saving gadgets worth up to £32, for free!

by | Oct 18, 2022 | Articles, Water

UK residents can claim a bundle of water-saving gadgets right now from their local water supplier, completely free. Depending on who your supplier is, these gadgets and devices can be worth over £30, and save you up to £195 a year in gas and (metered) water bills. 

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What water-saving gadgets are available?

Depending on the area you live in, you can claim a free low-flow shower head, tap aerator, shower timer, cistern bags and more! Low-flow shower heads and tap aerators reduce the amount of water you’re using while keeping the water pressure the same. Meanwhile, cistern bags reduces the level your toilet cistern fills to, saving you water with every flush. Which gadgets are available to you will depend on your water supplier, which is based on where your property is located.


An aerator like this mixes air with the water flowing from your tap, helping you use less.


How can I apply for free water-saving gadgets?

To see which devices you qualify for, and to claim them, visit Get Water Fit. You’ll be given a short survey about your weekly water usage. Once you’re done, you can see which devices your supplier still has available to claim. On top of the freebies, you’ll also be sent a pack of advice on how to save even more water.


Will these devices save me money on my bills?

The short answer – YES!

The longer answer is yes, but how much will depend on if your water is metered. If you’re not metered, you’ll only save on your water heating bill. You can read more about whether you could save by fitting a water meter here.

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