15 easy tips for saving water

by | Apr 22, 2024 | Bills, Water

Our top tips for saving water are here to help keep your bills and your carbon footprint low.

Saving water reduces your environmental impact by cutting the energy needed to clean, transport and heat your water. This also means you’ll face smaller bills for energy and water if you have a meter fitted.

Will saving water save me money? 

Reducing your water usage might not reduce your water bill directly. That depends on if you have a water meter fitted. A water meter measures how much water you use, and you may not know you have one. The easiest way to see if you have a meter is by checking your water bill to see if you are being charged based on usage or a fixed rate.

No water meter? Use our guide to see if you could save on your water bills

Whether you have a water meter or not, using less hot water will reduce your energy bills. Plus, outside of any money you save, using less water is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint.


Tips for saving water in the bathroom


  •  A running tap wastes up to 6L of water a minute, so turn it off. If you leave the tap running while you clean your teeth you could be pouring up to 24L of water down the drain every day
  • Swap baths for showers, a five-minute shower uses half of the water of the average bath
  •  Not all showers are created equal – switching to an energy-efficient head could save a family of four £53 a year on their water bills
  • A cheap water hippo device (these are £2.49) reduces the volume of your toilet tank, saving you up to 15,000L a year



How to save water in the kitchen


  • Use a bowl to catch water while washing fruit and veg, then recycle it by watering houseplants or your garden
  • Fill your washing machine and dishwasher completely before each cycle to make the most of the water you’re using
  • A dripping tap can waste more than 5,300L of water a year, so be ready with a washer and keep an eye on your kitchen sink
  • Left a glass of water out overnight? Pour it over a thirsty plant rather than tipping it down the sink
  • Filling the kettle? Measure the exact amount of water you need with a mug to save water and energy


Tips for saving water in the garden


  • A rainwater butt collects free water for your garden – and gives you a reason to smile despite the British weather
  • If there’s no rain to collect, try recycling (soap-free) water from your sink, shower or paddling pool to water your garden
  • Use a watering can instead of a hose to have more control over how much water you’re using and where it’s going
  • Water plants in the evening and you’ll lose less water to evaporation, letting your plants get the full benefit
  • Letting your lawn grow longer provides shade for the soil underneath, protecting the roots and trapping any water
  •  Don’t worry about brown grass – in the UK grass will almost always bounce back quickly after a heatwave, and letting it brown during a heatwave is an easy way to save water


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