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Our customers entrust us with the enormous responsibility of helping them manage utilities at their new homes, so we make sure to always uphold our highest professional standards. We appreciate every single piece of feedback given to us, as they drive us to become better every single day.

Prashant Joshi

May 13 2022

Really loved the attention to detail for setting up everything. Nimisha took care of everything that we were worried about in terms of utility bill setup and other things. Highly recommend.

Anthony Poon

May 10 2022

Excellent service provided by Connection Expert Miss Nimisha Muralitharan. She is very professional and patience listening and answering to my questions. Prompt reply and follow up in email which was highly appreciated. Highly recommend.

Beatriz Fernandes Cardoso

Apil 21 2022

Through Please Connect Me and their consultant Nimisha, I got all the information I needed to set up home utilities in London for the first time, such as water, energy, internet, insurance, tv licensing, council tax, etc., including estimates on prices and recommended vendors. They also take the first steps to get you signed up, sharing your details and registering with local council and service providers. Nimisha was courteous and answered all of my questions swiftly, great work!

Luciana Vichino

April 7 2022

I am using Please Connect Me to set up our new home in London, and the service works smoothly and according to the provided schedule. After our info was sent, only a couple friendly phone calls for starting, then most of the background activity goes on without need of much interaction. I just get the messages from the providers that evidence the arrangements being done. Recommended!

Heather Church

March 25 2022

I have recently moved to the UK and was feeling unsure about the way the utilities work here. Kat was absolutely fantastic with me! She was kind and thoughtful during our call and put my mind at rest about everything. She also went out of her way to give me advice or point me in the right direction about other things. I think she is an asset to the organization and I am very grateful for her expertise and the way she dealt with me personally. Thank you Kat! You are amazing!


April 29 2021

Life saver when moving in from outside the UK.
They check for you the past utilities supplier at the address, warn you against some suppliers trick to charge you more, they even go the extra mile and provide a temporary UK number in order to book broadband before getting into the UK.

Outstanding service, ,great follo-up, super friendly operator (thanks Sham!)

As all of the above is free you are obviously the product I would recommend benchmarking utilities before your first call to see where you agree with their recommendations (80% in my case) and where you have a different opinion

Lizzi Underwood

April 8 2021

Both the agents I spoke with were very helpful, knowledgeable and efficient.

Kostiantyn Danylov

March 29 2021

Seamless experience. Very helpful, very nice, plain perfect

Sirui Ren

March 30 2021

Please Connect Me is super helpful! I just relocated to UK and Natalie was extremely professional and patient to assist me with all utility accounts setup. All the options are customized for myself and it saved me a lot of time. I am happy with the service!

Maxime Las

February 17 2021

Natalie assisted me and was so helpful with everything, not to mention she found out some cheaper deals than what I would've gone with had I not received this help. I would highly recommend their service to facilitate dealing with all your utilities.


May 13 2022

Nimisha was fantastic! Extremely knowledgeable, responsive and resourceful. I wish Sterling had introduced us earlier in the process as she would have been very helpful in helping us set up things such as bank accounts and cell phone service.

Krishnakumar Ramachandran

May 2 2022

I recently moved to London and interacted with Bryn Llewellyn from Please Connect Me to get my utilities setup. The team was very professional and got stuff like my council tax and energy connection setup without me even knowing anything. I also selected a 5G broadband plan from them which unfortunately turned out to be not of required speed. But even here Ryan Lieu and team from the support was very professional. They tried debugging the problem as much as possible. When nothing worked they provided me a full cancellation and refund. Highly recommend Please Connect Me!!

Stephen Edward Jeffrey II

April 14 2022

We just moved to the UK from the US and worked with Please Connect Me and their agent Lizzy Beer to setup our utilities. Lizzy is awesome! She got us up and running with everything we needed.

Hilde Cneut

March 31 2022

Moving countries again, I know there is a lot of requirements and necessary connections to make when moving into your first house in that country. I came across Please Connect Me when surfing the internet on a checklist for new connections in the UK. In one phone call, literally every registration is made and connections arranged. AND best of all, this is an ongoing service, so if in the future I need assistance or clarification, I just contact my Connections Expert again!!!

Kelly Dwyer

April 28 2021

Really great service - made everything so easy and hassle free!

Aleksei Rodionov

April 28 2021

"Please connect me" service was of great quality. Their specialist helped me to find ad change electricity supplier as well as select broadband provider. She was always super polite and very responsive.
On the other hand, this service for 100% free in my case, and I am not sure if I'd have actually paid for this service.

Pedro Proença

April 9 2021

Excellent support. ThanksVery quick to reply, helped me figure out what was necessary, and get things moving in no time 🙂to Natalie.

Sadegh Aliakbarian

April 1 2021

I just moved to the UK and I worked with Please Connect Me to set up utilities. Everything happened so fast, and I got best options very easily!
Highly recommend it

Atsushi Ishihara

March 30 2021

Natalie is quick and kind support for setting up my apartment new electricity and wifi connection. Coordination skill also excellent. It's very helpful, I recomend to my Japanese friends in the future.
Katie, thanks your support today!

Emma Haguenauer

March 3 2021

I am about to move house which everyone says is the most stressful thing to do. Friends keep saying you must be so busy preparing for the move...but due to Please Connect Me I am so calm. I have not had to do anything other than call them and give them details to set up all my utilities. It has been the least stressful thing and I cannot recommend them highly enough to the point that I am writing this review which is the 2nd review I have ever done!

Matthew Smith

March 7 2021

I had the pleasure of receiving excellent, expert advice from Bouch Sallami. As a new resident in the UK it has been a confusing time getting oriented with the necessary logistics of settling in. Bouch professionally and courteously guided me through the process. Bouch was always responsive and offered clear answers to my sometimes disjointed questions about utilities and tariffs. I thank Bouch for all the comforting guidance and Please Connect Me for such a remarkable service.

Avik Biswas

May 11 2022

It is very difficult to get to know all about the utilities when you're new to the country. Please connect me, has been fantastic and provided me everything I needed. Kudos to Shamima who advised me on getting lot of things done and guided me to the correct path. I'll recommend this everyone who is trying to get settled with everything set up correctly and most importantly in a good financial way as well.

Federico Brenes Barzuna

April 27 2022

Excellent experience working with them to set up services in my new house. Very knowledgeable and they really get to advice you on the best options you can get according to your location and budget.

Dorea GOH

April 25 2022

I recently moved to the UK having never lived here before, and Jordan was incredible at helping me to make arrangements for utilities, internet, TV, mobile, council tax, contents insurance... It made the moving process so much easier and saved me so much time!

Alexandros Samaras

April 13 2022

Friendly and professional with excellent communication skills.
My call was handled by Dontez and was very informative, straightforward and reassuring. I felt the service provided was immaculate, on point and covering all aspects of settling in to my new place.
They graciously offered to handle all registration and utilities with clear expectations. After our call, I can feel the stress of settling in and arranging bills off of my shoulders.
Highly recommended.

Yongjin Li

April 24 2021

Shamima is very efficient and kind to support me to finish all relocation process. Professional!

Amr Wahby

April 9 2021

Excellent support. Thanks to Natalie.

Charlotte Black

March 25 2021

Excellent Service! I've used them twice now and it really just makes your life easier as they find the best companies for you at the best price!

Michelle Meldau

January 14 2021

Wow, I am so impressed with Please Connect Me, Bouchra was amazing getting our electric and gas sorted with best tariffs and arranged all the paperwork for our internet in our new home. I would highly recommend Please Connect Me should be moving especially if you are emigrating as it takes a whole lot of stress off one. Bouchra was responsive and helpful every step of the way. Thank you.

Matthias Merz

December 30 2020

Very flexibel and fast service - got connected after immigration despite all odds like brexit, corona, and worst: X-mas and new years eve.
I give Please Connect Me a full recommendation
MM, 30 Dec 2020

Herbie Mellors

January 14 2021

Natalie was very helpful during a stressful house move, i would definitely recommend please connect me!!

Amjad Mashaal

February 24 2021

Just amazing. Very responsive and very helpful, can't fault them at all.
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We appreciate every single piece of feedback given to us, as they drive us to become better every single day. It will really help us to know what you like of our service, and how we can do better next time.


When will I hear back from you?

We guarantee to respond to your application within 1 business day, however you'll usually hear from us sooner. Running our comprehensive checks on your new property typically takes 1-5 working hours, and we'll be in touch straight after to set up a call.

How long will the call take?

A typical call covering all your essential services takes around 20 to 30 minutes. We know your time is valuable, so we'll handle as much of the call as we can.

Why is your service free?

We're paid a referral fee by service providers for some of the connections we help you with, meaning we can provide our service for free.

Why do you need to call me?

For many registrations there is compulsory information that must be relayed via a recorded call. Wherever possible, we will always try to complete your registrations in the way that suits you best.

What do I need to do?

No prior preparation is required as our friendly Connections Experts will explain everything to you on the call.

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