How do I register for water?

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Moving Guides, Services, Water


Sorting out utilities at your new house can seem complicated without someone there to help you register for water. Registering with your water company is a very simple process which can be done quickly and without much hassle at all. Get in touch and we will do all the hard work.


Why do I need to register with my water supplier?

When you move into your new home you need to inform the local water company. This is so that the company knows who is responsible for the bills at the property, and you pay the correct amount for your water usage. You can get into a lot of complications by not alerting the supplier.


Can I switch water supplier or choose my provider?

There is no option to switch supplier to get a better deal, as your water can only be supplied by your local water company. Don’t worry though, to ensure each individual company does not exploit their monopoly status, government regulator Ofwat overseas the industry ensuring the market is fair and in the interest of the consumer.


What do I need to do?

If you get in contact with us – nothing! It will be a very quick call/email and you won’t have to deal with anything. Just send through your details to us and we can notify the water company of your move and sort out all the logistics for you. Setting up an account with your new water supply can be a time-consuming process, so why not let us sort it out for you for free!


How will I know if I have been registered?

Confirmation of your registration with your water supplier will be sent to you in around 10 working days. This may vary a little, so do not be alarmed if it comes a bit later than that. If you have been waiting for two weeks and have still not received any confirmation, get in touch with us and we will chase it up with the water company.


Can I choose how I will be billed?

You will be billed initially on paper, and you can then choose for it to be switched online. You will be billed quarterly unless you choose to change to direct debit where you will then be paying in monthly instalments.

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