Should I choose monthly rolling broadband?

by | Aug 22, 2023 | Broadband & Phone, Moving Guides

Are you searching for monthly rolling broadband? Whether you’re currently in a short-term rental or you’re looking for contract flexibility, there are lots of reasons you might want a one-month broadband contract.

Monthly rolling broadband isn’t available from all providers, however, and when it is you’ll pay a premium for avoiding a long contract.

Read on for details of the best UK providers for monthly rolling broadband and our top tips for getting the flexibility you need at the best price.


Monthly rolling broadband from Virgin Media

Virgin Media, one of the UK’s biggest broadband providers, do offer monthly rolling broadband. However, you can expect to pay a lot more than customers under contract.

On a 30-day rolling contract, M250 broadband at 264 mb/s costs £50 a month, with a £35 set-up fee and an extra £45 rolling contract fee. In comparison, M250 broadband in an 18-month contract currently costs £32.50 a month with no setup fee.

Month-to-month, M250 broadband is more than 50% more expensive. Over an 18-month contract, you’d pay £395 more for the exact same broadband connection.

Of course, most people looking for monthly contracts don’t keep them for 18 months. Typically, 30-day contracts are used by customers looking to avoid an exit fee for leaving their contract early. However, even if you’re planning to stay at one address for less than 18 months you might be better off with a longer contract.

Since 2022, if you move home and Virgin Media services aren’t available at your new address, you can reclaim your exit fee. If Virgin Media are available, you can transfer your existing contract and dodge the exit fee altogether.

Even if you’re expecting to move, it’s worth setting up a longer Virgin Media broadband contract to save every month. You can then either transfer or end your contract when you do move out.


Monthly rolling broadband on Openreach

The Openreach network is used by many broadband suppliers, including BT, Sky, EE, Vodafone and more.

Very few Openreach providers offer a one-month contract – BT’s version of a short-term contract is 12 months instead of their usual 24 months. One provider that does is the budget broadband brand Now. You will, however, have to pay £60 upfront for the rolling contract, and you’re limited to Now’s average top speeds of around 63 mb/s.

As with Virgin Media, if you’re looking at Openreach broadband you should almost always choose a longer term contract. Openreach is available in more than 99% of properties in the UK, and your provider will allow you to transfer your contract if you move.

In the rare cases where Openreach isn’t available, whether you’ll have to pay an exit fee will vary between suppliers. Some will let you exit for free if you can prove they are not available at your new address, and some will charge an exit fee. Always check the terms and conditions of your new broadband contract, or use expert free advice from Please Connect Me to make sure your broadband package is the right pick.


Monthly broadband contracts from other providers

Some of the UK’s independent broadband providers also offer monthly rolling broadband, including Hyperoptic and Gigaclear.

While there are still savings to be made by choosing a longer contract, these rolling options might be a better bet for those who expect to move in less than 12 months.

Independent broadband suppliers are less likely to be available at your new property, and will also charge you an exit fee if you move while under contract. However, sit down and do the calculations before you commit. If you’re expecting to move in 10 or 11 months a 12-month contract might be cheaper overall.


Monthly mobile broadband

Mobile broadband providers are more likely to offer monthly rolling broadband than traditional suppliers. This is partly because they don’t rely on any infrastructure set-up, and also because they are popular with those  looking for short-term internet while their main connection is set up or repaired.

To balance the perceived risk of offering these short-term contracts, most suppliers take an upfront payment and perform a strict UK-based credit check.

For 30-day mobile internet packages with unlimited data and no credit checks, visit Connectivity.


Month-to-month broadband at the end of my contract

When your broadband contract comes to an end, most suppliers will automatically move you onto monthly rolling broadband.

In some ways this is convenient. You won’t suddenly see your internet cut off, or be forced to immediately commit for another year or two. However, if you’re planning on staying in the same property you can save by renewing your contract.

Renewing with your current provider will drop your monthly payment compared to a month-to-month plan. However, the biggest savings are often found by switching providers and taking advantage of new customer offers.

Interested in switching broadband? Book a free call with Please Connect Me and let our Connections Experts find the best deal for you.

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