What’s the average water bill in the UK 2024?

by | Jan 12, 2024 | Bills, Water

How much is the average water bill for a UK household? With price rises due this April, now’s the time to check if you’re paying the right amount for water.

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What is the average water bill in the UK 2024?

The average water bill in England and Wales is currently £448 a year, according to Water UK. That means the average monthly water bill is around £37.30.

This figure is for clean water and wastewater combined, including sewage costs.

However, there is no fixed rate for water in the UK. Instead, your bill will be based on which company supplies you, the size of your home and whether you have a water meter fitted.


Which supplier has the cheapest average water bill in the UK in 2024?

The cheapest average water bill for UK customers was for those supplied by Hafren Dyfrdwy. They paid an average of £372 a year or £31 a month.

On the other end of the scale, the UK’s most expensive water supplier is Wessex Water. Their customers paid an average water bill of £504 a year or £42 a month.

Unfortunately, there’s no way that customers can choose their water supplier in the UK. Your water company is determined by the area you live in. However, you might be able to save on your bills in other ways.


How is my water bill calculated?

Your water bill is based on your supplier’s unit rate and either how much water you use or the average water usage for a property of the same size.

How you’re billed depends on if you have a water meter – a device that measures water usage – fitted. If you do, you’ll be billed for the amount of water you use. Your supplier will usually take a reading every six months and adjust your payments accordingly.

You can read more about metered and unmetered water, including if you could save money by fitting a water meter, here.


When will the average water bill in the UK go up?

Water prices are next due to be adjusted on April 1st. Individual price adjustments will vary between suppliers.

The average cost for water bills usually increases in line with inflation. However, this year many water companies are facing fines which are being paid to their customers in the form of reduced bills.

Looking further ahead, however, shows prices are expected to rise significantly by 2030. This is due to the £96bn investment plan announced in 2023 to improve the UK’s water infrastructure.

By 2030, the average water bill in the UK will be £156 a year higher. The sharpest water bill increase will be for customers of Southern Water, who can expect to see a £262 jump in their annual bills by 2030.


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