How to find Christmas tree recycling near you

by | Jan 15, 2024 | Council Tax

The twelfth day of Christmas has passed and most of the decorations have come down, but Christmas tree recycling is one task that can easily stretch into January.

Here’s how to find local Christmas tree recycling, and the best way to dispose of your Christmas tree.


How to find Christmas tree recycling near me

The good news is that Christmas trees are easy to recycle. The best way to dispose of your Christmas tree depends on where you live.

Most local authorities (councils) in the UK organise Christmas tree collections in January. They might organise doorstep Christmas tree collection, or arrange a local collection spot for you to take your tree to.

Check your local authority’s website here for details of your local Christmas tree recycling and collection scheme.

Recycled trees are broken down and used as wood chippings, as well as being composted.

If you’ve missed the last Christmas tree collection date – don’t worry! Recyclenow’s handy recycling checker can find the closest place to you to recycle your Christmas tree.


Arrange a Christmas tree collection

If your council aren’t collecting Christmas trees you can still book a Christmas tree collection.

Many charities offer doorstep Christmas tree collections run by volunteers. For a small donation, their team will come to your home and pick up your old tree.

You can find a list of charities across the UK that collect Christmas trees here. While it’s not quite a free Christmas tree collection, this is an easy way to arrange Christmas tree disposal that goes towards a good cause.


Can you donate a reusable Christmas tree?

A reusable Christmas tree is an eco-friendly alternative to a fresh, real Christmas tree every year. To reduce your carbon footprint, you should keep and use the same tree for as long as possible.

When it is time to replace your tree, what’s the best way to dispose of a reusable Christmas tree?

If your artificial Christmas tree is complete and in good condition, including the stand and the base, you can donate it to charity. Contact local charity shops, particularly those specialising in furniture, to see if they can collect your reusable tree.

You can also list the tree on local exchange groups like Freecycle or Facebook marketplace. Your old tree can decorate many Christmases to come for another family!

If your artificial tree is damaged or in poor condition, you may still be able to recycle it. Check the tree’s label or box if you still have it to find out what materials it’s made from.
If your local curbside recycling can process those materials, break the tree down and put it in your recycling bin. Otherwise, you can bring the old tree to a local household recycling centre.


Read more about waste and recycling in the UK:

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