Will you face a broadband price rise on April 1st?

by | Mar 12, 2024 | Bills, Broadband & Phone

Millions of households across the UK are facing a mid-contract broadband price rise on March 31st and April 1st.

We took a look at how much bills are going up, as well as which providers won’t be raising their prices mid-contract.

Why is there a Broadband price rise in April?

The price you pay for your broadband is usually fixed as long as you are under contract. When you set up broadband, you typically agree to a minimum contract period. During that time, you agree to stay with the same broadband provider and your provider agrees to keep supplying broadband at the same price.

However, many broadband contracts also include a clause allowing suppliers to raise prices in line with inflation. These price rises are calculated at the end of the tax year, with the new cost applied from the start of the new year – April 1st.

That’s why so many broadband providers announce that existing customer’s prices are going up in April.

How much will my broadband go up in April 2024?

The price rise is based on the rate of inflation, plus a rise of 2-4% to cover rising operational costs. The year, the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) and Retail Prices Index (RPI) rose by 4% and 4.9% respectively.

Your supplier should already have contacted you about any broadband price rise that will be applied to your account. Here is how some of the UK’s biggest broadband providers are adjusting their prices:


Supplier Price rise applies to… Price Rise Rise Calculation
BT Broadband, landline, TV and mobile customers* 7.9% CPI + 3.9%
BT Landline only and Home Phone Saver customers 4% CPI
BT Home Essentials or Basic Broadband customers No Price Rise
EE Broadband, landline and mobile customers* 7.9% CPI + 3.9%
EE Pay-as-you-go and Basics mobile customers No Price Rise
Sky Broadband and TV customers, including Sky Glass and Sky Stream* 6.7% average across products Varies by product
Sky Broadband Basics customers No Price Rise
Sky Home Phone customers 8% price rise 2p / minute price increase
Sky Out-of-contract mobile customers 3% average Varies by product
Sky In contract mobile customers No price rise
Virgin Media Broadband, TV and landline customers* 8.8% RPI + 3.9%
Virgin Media Essential Broadband/Essential Broadband Plus and Talk Protected phone-only customers No price rise
Vodafone Pay-monthly broadband, mobile, tablet or smartwatch customers* 7.9% CPI+ 3.9%
Vodafone Vodafone Essentials broadband customers No price rise
Vodafone Pay-as-you-go mobile customers No price rise

These figures show price rises expected for broadband customers with these suppliers from 31st March or April 1st 2024. Landline-only or customers without broadband may see different price adjustments. Your supplier should contact you directly with details of how your bills will change. * Excluding those specified below


BT Broadband – Existing bills will rise by 7.9%
EE Broadband – Existing bills will rise by 7.9%
Sky Broadband – Existing bills will rise by 6.7% on average
Virgin Media – Existing bills will rise by 8.8%
Vodafone – – Existing bills will rise by 7.9%

Broadband with no mid-contract price rise

If you want to guarantee dodging a mid-contract broadband price rise you’ll need to look for a supplier that guarantees truly fixed prices.

Four broadband providers who have committed to not raising their prices for customers under contract are Hyperoptic, Zen Broadband, Fibrus and You Fibre.



The broadband price rise isn’t the only bill going up in April


From April 1st, UK billpayers will see changes in many of their household costs.

Council Tax bills in England will rise at least 5%, and in Wales will rise by 4-8%.

Water bills will also be adjusted in line with inflation, with individual water suppliers contacting customers directly.

The cost of a TV licence will rise by 6.6% to £169.50 a year.

In happier news, energy bills for customers on variable tariffs will fall by around 14% in April.

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