Estimate your bills with our Utility Bill Calculator (updated April 2024)

by | Apr 9, 2024 | Bills, Council Tax, Please Connect Me, Property

The changing energy price cap, as well as rises in the cost of everything from Council Tax to broadband bills, has left households across the UK looking for an easy way to estimate their latest utility bills.

Use our updated bill calculator to quickly and accurately estimate your new monthly and annual costs for utilities.

The Please Connect Me bill calculator

We’ve updated the handy Please Connect Me bills calculator with the latest average unit rates for energy and water. Based on average usage figures or your own consumption from last year, we’ll calculate an approximate annual total for your utility bills. Your actual bills will be based on your consumption, as well as where you live.

Please Connect Me Utility Bill calculator for estimating household bills

 Click the image above or use this link to visit the calculator.


What information does the bill calculator need?

The bill calculator will estimate your monthly household expenses for essential utilities based on the size of your property. You just need to confirm the number of bedrooms in the property, as well as whether you have a TV licence.

If you’re moving home, use the details of your new property for an estimation of your new monthly bills at the property.

For a more precise calculation, you can enter your actual consumption of gas and electricity in kWh from last year. Don’t worry if you don’t have these to hand as Ofgem provide approximate consumption figures we use in our calculations.


What other tools do you have available?

Those who live in London can check their new 2024 Council Tax rates here. Just enter your postcode and the band of your property to find out how much you should be paying.

You can also see the hardness of the water at your home or new property with our water hardness checker. Read more about water hardness and what it means for you here.


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