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How much will I pay for my utilities?

Simply input your consumption units, or select an average usage band to see how much your household would pay for your utilities:

1-2 people 2-3 people 4-5 people
Electricity (kWh) 1800 2700 4100
Gas (kWh) 7500 11500 17000

This bill calculator is based on the most updated price cap units.

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* Electricity unit rate 22.36p per kWh plus standing charge of 60.12p per day and Gas unit rate 5.48p per kWh plus standing charge of 31.41p per day. Values might not match exactly due to rounding. Based on the Government's Energy Price Guarantee rates and customer with typical usage, paying by direct debit and including VAT at 5%. Rates and standing charges are averages and will vary by region, payment method and meter type. Water rates and typical usage are taken from Thames Water. Unit rates will vary by area and supplier. Rates are effective from 1 July 2024.

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Energy in the UK

What is the latest update?

Customers on variable energy tariffs will see energy bills fall by an average of 12.3% under the new April 2024 energy price cap. Prices for fixed tariff customers will not change.

What is the Energy Price Cap?
The energy price cap does what it says on the tin – it’s a cap or limit on the amount that energy suppliers in the UK can charge for domestic electricity and gas. Although it’s often quoted as a monthly or annual cost, the cap is actually on the per-unit cost of energy. Your own bill is still based on usage, average household usage for different-sized homes is used to estimate what individual bills will be.

The cap applies to all Standard Variable Tariffs in the UK. It doesn’t apply to you if you are on a fixed-rate tariff. Standard variable tariffs used to be the most expensive way to get your energy, but the energy crisis and price cap now mean that these are the best value tariffs available.

Read more about the Ofgem Energy Price Cap here

Are there ways to reduce my utility bills?
As energy bills are based on usage, the top way to lower your bills will be to reduce your home energy usage where you can. We’ve published guides on how to save energy during the summer, and how to lower your household bills if your property has a poor EPC.

You can also save by switching to a direct debit payment if you haven’t already.

Is there any support available?
In response to the rising cost of living, the UK government has confirmed that every household will receive £400 in energy support from October. This will come in the form of six monthly bill payments of £66.66, made directly to your energy supplier.

There’s also further support available for certain households including an increase to the winter fuel allowance, you can read about all of the support available in more detail here.

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