Energy bill and Council Tax rebates – When will you be paid?

Jul 6, 2022 | Articles, Bills, Council Tax, Electricity & Gas

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For those worried about increasing household bills, reading the news this year has been a big cause of stress. Between record energy costs and high inflation, running a home is more expensive than ever. There has been some good news, particularly recently, with a number of Energy Bill and Council Tax rebates announced, some of which can be claimed by everyone in the UK.

With the cost of living support being announced thick and fast it can be hard to keep track of what you’re eligible for and when you should be expecting it. To make things easier we’ve laid out a timeline below for when these payments will be made so you can check you’re on track.



April 2022 – June 2022: The £150 Council Tax rebate

The first cost of living support payment announced, the £150 Council Tax rebate announced this spring, should already have been paid to those eligible, with the final delayed payments being made at the beginning of June. Each household in Council Tax band A-D should have received a payment made directly into the bank account from which they pay their direct debit.

For those households who don’t pay by direct debit, local authorities have been reaching out directly to arrange their rebate. Councils have until September to complete this process.

If you are eligible for this payment, pay by direct debit and haven’t heard anything yet then you should reach out to your local authority directly to check there is no issue. Be aware however that this payment won’t be made to any owners of properties that are unoccupied or second homes.


July 2022 – Autumn 2022: The £650 Cost of Living Support Payment

For households in receipt of means-tested benefits, the first part of the government’s £650 Cost of Living Support payment will arrive between July 14th and the end of the month. Payment will be made automatically to all who qualify. This includes those who receive Universal Credit, Jobseekers Allowance, employment and support allowance, income support, child tax credit or pension credit.

These payments are intended to help counteract the rise in the cost of living we’ve seen this year as energy bills have skyrocketed and Council Tax, water, broadband and other household costs have increased in line with or above inflation. The second part of the payment will be distributed by the same method this autumn, with the specific date yet to be confirmed. Households who receive tax credits and working tax credits are also eligible for this payment, but they will receive their first payment this autumn, with a second following in the winter.



September 2022 – The £150 Cost of Living Support Payment

A similar payment intended to help with rising energy bills and other household costs will be made to those in receipt of disability support in September. Like the Council Tax rebate, this payment will be £150 and paid in a lump sum to all those eligible. You can check your eligibility for this and the other cost of living payments currently scheduled here.  If you receive the relevant benefits then you can claim this payment in addition to the £650 payment mentioned above.



October 2022 – April 2023 – Energy Bill rebates

Earlier this year the government announced support for domestic energy bills in the form of a £ 200 pound loan that households would repay as the energy market stabilised. As the UK energy crisis continued it became clear that this support would not be sufficient, and in May Chancellor Rishi Sunak confirmed that this payment would be doubled to £400 and changed from a loan to a cost of living payment that will not need to be returned.

The £400 Energy bill rebate will be paid out to every household with a domestic meter starting from October, and the payment will be split over six months continuing into April 2023. If you pay your energy bills by direct debit or credit then you will see this payment credited directly to your account. Pre-payment customers will either receive a voucher from their supplier or see the funds added to their meters automatically.

Almost every household in the UK will receive this payment, but if you don’t pay your energy bills directly then be careful. For example, if your energy costs are included in your rent and managed by your landlord then be aware that the payment will go to them automatically. Landlords should pass the rebate on to occupants, but there is currently no legal requirement for them to do so.



November 2022 – Winter Fuel Allowance increase

The final cost of living support payment currently announced will arrive in November 2022, when all those eligible will see an increase in their Winter Fuel Allowance. Winter Fuel Allowance is an annual payment made to those above the age of 65 to help manage increased fuel and heating costs in the winter.

This year there will be an extra £300 per household payment made to those eligible, paid at the same time as the usual allowance payment in November. You can check to see the amount that your household qualifies for here. 

While domestic energy tariffs are still at the highest they have ever been, these scheduled payments will help people across the UK deal with increased bills. This will be especially helpful as temperatures drop and fuel usage increases again in the winter. In the meantime, there are lots you can do to keep your energy bills as low as possible. You can read our tips for keeping your home cool without using additional electricity here.

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