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Whether you are moving house or simply fancy trying out a free cleaning service in London, we have the answer. Our partner, Housekeep, offers two hours of cleaning absolutely free.

There’s no contract, no obligation to use them again after the free two hours and all cleaners are fully vetted. There’s literally no catch: two hours of cleaning for free courtesy of Housekeep, that’s it!


Who are Housekeep?

Housekeep is one of our trusted partners who provide one of the best cleaning services available to any property in London. All their cleaners are fully vetted and all come with a certain level of cleaning experience.


What can their cleaners offer?

Cleaning is a broad term, so what exactly can Housekeep cleaners do for you?

As well as general cleaning around the house, Housekeep’s cleaners offer more specific services like cleaning fridges, ovens and the inside of windows. They can also do other tasks such as; hovering, ironing, washing up and a range of other household tasks (obviously within reason!).


Is it really free?

Yes, for your first two hours of cleaning, you will not be charged. There is no contract tying you in, nor is there any obligation for you to surpass the free two hours of cleaning. If you did want to use them after, the standard charge for their service is £15 per hour.


What makes Housekeep unique? 

Housekeep is not like any normal cleaning service. Each cleaner must undergo an 8-step background check to ensure that they are completely reliable and trustworthy. They all must have cleaning experience, and if you are not entirely satisfied with the job that has been done, they will send another cleaner free of charge.

You can book online and have your first appointment set up within 60 seconds. If you like the cleaner you are matched with, you can request them every time and set up regular weekly visits.


Sounds good, how do I get started with Housekeep?

To get going with your free cleaning through Housekeep, simply follow the link below which will take you to Housekeep’s website. Then click on ‘Get Started’, book the time that you want your cleaner to come and you’re all set.

Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with us. We can answer any questions you may have about Housekeep, and sign you up ourselves.


It really is this easy to get free cleaning in London. There’s no catch at all. Check below to see whether your area has access to Housekeep’s services.



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