5G vs Fibre broadband: Which is faster?

Jul 28, 2023 | Broadband & Phone, Moving Guides

If you’re shopping for home broadband in 2023, the question of 5G vs fibre broadband has certainly come up.

While fibre broadband is still the most popular kind of internet connection, improvements in 5G and mobile internet technology mean it’s now a great alternative.

Read on for more information on 5G vs fibre broadband, including availability, network speed and price.


What is 5G broadband?

‘5G broadband’ refers to a home internet connection that uses a SIM card and mobile signal to get online.

5G routers allow your laptop, PC, phone, smart TV or any other device to get online, just like any other Wi-Fi router.

Unlike traditional home broadband, 5G routers connect to the UK mobile network. Users can get online as soon as their equipment is delivered, rather than waiting for an engineer to connect them to the network.

Users are also not limited by the network infrastructure installed in their area or there being space in a local cabinet. Instead, 5G broadband performance is determined by the strength of the mobile signal inside your property.

With a strong 5G mobile signal, 5G routers can offer Ultrafast internet speeds of 150-200 Mbps.


What is fibre broadband?

Fibre broadband connections are used in the majority of UK homes. The term refers to fibre-optic cables, which connect local cabinet boxes to the wider internet.

Homes can be connected to these cabinets via standard copper cables, offering them Superfast speeds of up to 70 Mbps. In other properties, high-speed fibre optic cables come all the way inside, offering Ultrafast speeds of between 150 and 900 Mbps.

Wired broadband provides a – usually – stable network connection with consistent speeds. However, the speeds depend on the infrastructure surrounding the property. While some addresses have multiple local providers offering a high-speed connection, in other areas only Superfast fibre may be available.

Where there are no local fibre broadband providers, or the local fibre cabinet has no space for a new connection, homes are not able to get fibre broadband at all.


Which is better?

The answer to 5G vs fibre broadband will depend on how you use the internet, as well as which networks are available in your area.

If your home only has standard speed (pre-fibre) internet available, a 5G router is your best option for a modern, high-speed connection.

This is also true if you need speeds above 70 mbps, including those working from home or with multiple users, but are limited to just Superfast cables.

The very busiest internet users, whether they’re video calling, working in remote environments or living in a smart home full of gadgets, opt for a 5G router alongside their fibre broadband connection. Splitting their web traffic between two networks means more bandwidth for every device.


5G vs Fibre: The essential stats 



5G broadband

Standard broadband

Superfast Fibre

Ultrafast Fibre

Average Speeds

150-200 Mbps

1-15 Mbps

20-70 Mbps

150-900 Mbps

UK Availability





Typical Set-Up Time

1 working day

5-10 working days

5-10 working days

1 working day for existing connections,
10+ working days for new connections

Typical Monthly cost

£45- £60

£20- £30

£25- £35

£35- £60


Sources: https://labs.thinkbroadband.com/local/

5G routers

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