Which broadband suppliers have agreed to Ofcom’s code of conduct?

Oct 6, 2022 | Articles, Broadband & Phone

Ofcom’s code of conduct is a set of rules broadband companies can choose to follow. While Ofcom monitors every internet provider to make sure they are behaving ethically, this code requires a higher standard of behaviour and is voluntary. The providers that sign up for this code are committing to treating their customers fairly.

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What is Ofcom’s voluntary code of conduct?

Ofcom’s code of conduct covers everything from Broadband speeds to how easy it is to leave your contract. You can read the full terms of the code here, but these are the points we’d expect to be most relevant to your broadband speeds, or contract terms:

  • You’ll receive compensation automatically if there are any delays to repairs or the start of your service
  • You’ll receive compensation automatically for any missed engineer appointments
  • Estimated speeds for supplier’s packages are based on peak time speeds
  • Once you’ve placed an order, all the information about your package should be sent to you in writing
  • Providers must take all reasonable steps to fix problems with your speed if they are within their control
  • You’re allowed to exit your contract without penalty if your internet speeds ‘fall significantly below the range given at point of sale’


Which providers have signed up for Ofcom’s voluntary code of conduct on broadband speeds?

As of 2022, these providers have agreed to the terms outlined in the voluntary code of conduct on broadband speeds:


  • BT
  • EE
  • PlusNet
  • TalkTalk
  • Utility Warehouse
  • Virgin Media
  • Zen Internet (joined in 2021)


  • BT
  • Daisy
  • TalkTalk
  • Virgin Media
  • XLN


Does this mean other providers have bad service?

Not necessarily – but using a provider that has agreed to this code means you can be sure of what your rights are.

Other providers will use their own code of conduct, and you may have to dig through contract terms and conditions to see what your rights are. Just because a provider hasn’t signed up for Ofcom’s code doesn’t mean they have bad service. Sky broadband uses its own code of conduct, but also has the fewest complaints registered with Ofcom of any major supplier. 


Which Broadband supplier should I use?

Unfortunately, that’s a hard question to give a concrete answer to. Which broadband suppliers are available – and what speeds they can offer – vary, not only from one postcode to another but even between neighbours. If you want a clear and impartial look at what broadband provider would be best for you, book a free call with Please Connect Me today. Our connections experts will check across the UK’s biggest suppliers and reliable independent networks to help you find the right package for you at the best price.

Want to find the perfect broadband package for you? Book a free call with Please Connect Me today

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