Which UK provider offers the quickest broadband speeds?

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Broadband & Phone, Services

There are a few different types of broadband speeds, as we have established in our ‘Which speed is right for me?‘ article. But let’s say you are looking for the outright fastest speeds for broadband, where should you look and which providers supply the quickest broadband speeds?


Which provider has the quickest internet speeds?

Hyperoptic is the provider to go for if you are looking for the quickest broadband speeds in the UK. They have taken the baton firmly from Virgin Media, who used to supply the quickest speeds, and are pushing to improve the broadband industry with their ingenuity and ambition. Their average download speed for their 1Gb package is 900Mb, which annihilates all other providers by a long way.

As mentioned, Virgin Media takes the silver medal. They use their own network that is independent of the Openreach network (used by most other internet service providers), enabling them to supply the speeds that they want.

With Openreach part of the BT group, the British company has somewhat of a monopoly on the broadband market out of all the providers that use the Openreach network. BT has recently begun to offer speeds that rival those of Virgin, something that those other providers on the Openreach network cannot do.

About Hyperoptic

Hyperoptic is one of the newest UK broadband providers, founded in 2011, so it is not surprising that many people are unaware or haven’t heard of them. Like Virgin Media, they use their own network and do not use a phone line to deliver their product. Their fibre optic cables go straight to the property which ensures the fastest and most reliable connection.

In terms of packages that they offer, they do slower speeds for those not needing (as if anyone needs 1Gb internet) their quickest internet. These are 150Mb and 30Mb speed packages.

Sounds great so far, but because of their age as a company, Hyperoptic is not available to many properties around the UK at this point. They currently prioritise blocks of flats, as that is the most efficient way of providing their broadband to as many people as possible. So, if you are in a flat your chances will be boosted slightly. Although they are rolling out across the country, at present, Hyperoptic is not available for the vast majority.


Virgin Media vs Hyperoptic

If Hyperoptic is not available, Virgin is your next best bet. Their VIP bundle comes with VIVID 350, broadband speeds of up to 350Mb. This comes with TV and phone packages, however, Virgin also offer broadband without a phone line. Similarly to Hyperoptic, Virgin are not available in every property, however, they are far more available across the country.


Other providers in the UK

BT is catching up and has just begun rolling out a 300Mb package. If we bring the price into the equation, however,  Hyperoptic and Virgin offer much better value.

Apart from that, all the other providers on the Openreach network can offer speeds of up to just 76 MB. So based on that information, Hyperoptic’s value is clear to see. Virgin also offers good value as they bundle in TV with their broadband contracts as well, but as these two providers are not widely available across the country, many households must look elsewhere.

However, don’t be sad if you cannot access these two. Other providers offer other benefits such as cashback reward cards, TV channels and other incentives, meaning simply price per month combined with speed is not everything you must look for.



Hyperoptic is blowing all other providers out of the water when it comes to broadband speeds. They are three times faster than the nearest competitor and offer unparalleled prices for the slower-banded broadband categories. Virgin are next on the quick list, followed by BT.

In terms of fibre speeds, out of all those providers using the Openreach network, BT offers the quickest speeds. This is down to their involvement with Openreach, and as such, they can enable themselves to provide ever-so-slightly faster speeds.

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