Everything you need to know about Sky Glass – Sky’s Streaming TV

by | Oct 18, 2022 | TV

Sky Glass is Sky’s newest all-in-one entertainment service. The program, launched in October 2021, lets you order a new smart TV with Sky Entertainment built-in.

Sky Glass lets you stream live TV and streaming services directly to your TV in 4K. The system is super convenient, bringing all the ways you watch TV together in one place. You can easily search between all your libraries with the voice-controlled “Hello Sky” remote.

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Do I need a satellite dish?


No! Unlike Sky Q and all other Sky TV systems, you don’t need an external satellite dish to use Sky Glass. This is great news for those looking to get Sky TV services but who cannot have a dish installed at their address.


What’s included in the package?

Sky Glass packages come with a new smart TV with a built-in Dolby Atmos soundbar and voice-controlled remote, as well as a subscription to Sky’s entertainment channels. From here you can customise your package, adding more channels like Sky Sports and Sky Movies or a multi-screen puck to watch TV in other rooms.

Read more about the channels you can get with Sky TV.


Racing Green is one of the colour options available. Source: Sky.com.

How much does Sky Glass cost?

Your monthly payment will vary based on the size of TV you choose, the contract length you opt for and which Sky Channels you opt to include. For example, a package with a ‘small’ size TV and Sky Signature would be £39 a month in a 24-month contract. Right now, that package also includes the first 3 months of Sky TV free (saving you £26 a month) and free Netflix Basic. 

If you’re already a Sky TV customer you can add Sky Glass hardware to your existing package. In a 24-month contract, getting the smart TV would add £13, £17 or £21 a month for the small, medium and large models respectively. Essentially, Sky is offering interest-free loans on the hardware. At the end of the contract, the TV is yours to keep.


How big are Sky Glass Screens?

You can choose one of three TV sizes as part of your package – Small, Medium and Large. Even the small size is a respectable 43″, a bit bigger than an A1 sheet of paper. The medium has a 55″ screen, and the large measures 65″.

Customers can also choose one of five colours for the hardware – Ceramic white, Dusky pink, Racing green, Ocean blue or Anthracite black.



How can I order Sky Glass?

If you’re already a Sky customer, you can add Sky Glass to your package through your My Sky account.

 If you’re new to Sky, book a free call with one of our Connections Experts today to learn about all your options for Sky TV and place an order!

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