What are house hunter’s dream home features in 2023?

by | Sep 14, 2023 | Moving, Partners, Property

The housing market may be competitive, but that doesn’t mean buyers aren’t still hunting for properties with their dream home features.

From solar panels to heat pumps, there is a trend towards sustainability and energy efficiency in the wake of the UK energy crisis.

These are the most popular new home must-haves in 2023.



Energy Efficient Dream Home Features

Back in 2020, Share to Buy analysed UK property search data to find the most in-demand features for new homes. The top of the list? Energy Efficiency.

Since the start of the decade, this trend has only grown. The UK energy crisis and growing focus on net zero targets have highlighted the importance of reducing energy consumption wherever possible.

The most requested energy-efficient features include:


High-Quality Insulation

It may seem a little boring as dream-home features go, but 71% of those surveyed by YouGov said that high-quality insulation was a deciding factor in making an offer on a property.


Solar panels

In the same survey, 64% of those asked by YouGov said they would want solar panels fitted as standard.


EV charging

YouGov’s survey found that 42% of respondents considered a charging point for an electric vehicle a must-have inclusion in their new home.


Air Source heat pump

These ultra-efficient heating systems topped the dream home features list for 35% of participants in Yougov’s survey.

A heat pump is a more efficient method of home heating than a traditional gas boiler. While the cost to run a heat pump is currently only slightly less than an efficient gas boiler this saving is expected to grow as the relative cost of gas to electricity continues to rise.


Space is another dream home feature

During Covid-19 lockdowns, leaving the house less often forced many of us to confront how little space we actually have. In turn, buyers now are prioritising extra space, whether it’s a functional utility room or access to a garden or patio.

Add in the growing trend in homeworking and the increased odds a buyer will need a home office space and modern priorities for space can look very different to a decade ago.


Outdoor spaces

Different outdoor spaces are featured prominently in Share To Buy’s most desirable features ranking. Interest in roof terraces increased by 54%, in balconies by 41%, and searches for properties with gardens rose by 38%.

Indoor spaces

Meanwhile, when it comes to indoor spaces UK movers are more eager for everyday functionality than big-ticket dream home features like a gym or a pool. In a Rightmove survey of what Brits wanted from their dream home the most popular indoor spaces were more practical than glam.

Respondents revealed their dream home would have a garage, utility room and a home office. It would also be a detached house on the coast and – true to stereotypes about UK culture – would need to be close to a corner shop, cafe and pub.

So, which dream home features are you on the lookout for? Which home comforts and handy installations do you think will become more popular? Join the conversation on our social media now.


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