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by | May 2, 2023 | TV

If you want to order Sky TV, there’s one decision you’ll need to make early on: Sky Q, Sky Glass or Sky Stream?

Sky TV is currently available through three different devices. When you place your order, you’ll have to choose between the Q under-TV box, the Glass TV or the Stream puck.

Which Sky hardware option is best? That depends on how and where you watch your TV, as well as the equipment you already own. We’ve broken down the differences between Sky Q, Sky Glass and Sky Stream below in a handy table, as well as an in-depth explainer of the three options.

Sky Q, Sky Glass or Sky Stream at a Glance



Sky Q

 Sky Glass

 Sky Stream


The Sky Q under-the-TV box, plus optional mini boxes. Sky Voice Remote

Smart TV with a 43″, 55″ or 65″ screen. Sky Voice Remote.

Sky Stream puck. Sky Voice Remote.

How do you receive TV?

Cable connects your box to an external satellite dish

Stream TV shows over your home Wi-Fi

Stream TV shows over your home Wi-Fi


All of Sky’s 300+ channels based on your subscription

250+ of Sky’s most popular channels, with some Sky Q channels unavailable (Learn more)

250+ of Sky’s most popular channels, with some Sky Q channels unavailable (Learn more)


Stream Netflix, Disney+ and more through your Sky box

Stream Netflix, Disney+ and more through your TV

Stream Netflix, Disney+ and more through your Sky stream


From £31 a month + £20 setup including Netflix – or order through Please Connect Me for prices from £23/ month and free setup including Netflix

From £40 a month including Sky Signature and Netflix in a 48-month contratc.

From £26 a month including Netflix in an 18 month contract or £29 a month rolling contract.


Sky Q

Sky Q is what most would consider the ‘classic Sky box’. When you order Sky Q, an engineer will come out to your property to install and set up an under-the-TV box, connected to a satellite dish outside. Many UK properties already have a satellite dish installed, but if your home doesn’t have one fitted yet the Sky engineer will be able to fit one.

Sky Q lets you watch, pause and record live TV, as well as all your favourite streaming services. The powerful voice search built into the remote lets you search all of your channels and streaming services at once. No more needing to remember which app the series you just started is on!

Combining Sky Q with Sky broadband makes your home networks even more powerful. Watching TV through Sky Q doesn’t use the internet, leaving your bandwidth free for other things. Your Sky Q box also works with your router and any Sky Q mini boxes you have to create a mesh home wi-fi network.

Each Sky TV box installed acts as a Wi-Fi booster, extending and strengthening your home Wi-Fi network.


Sky Glass

Sky Glass is Sky’s all-in-one smart TV. Sky Glass includes all the hardware of a Sky box and smart TV. You can stream live programming and apps directly to your TV over Wi-Fi, without a need for an under TV box or a satellite dish.

All Sky glass TVs are Ultra-HD ready and support Dolby Atmos 360° sound. You can choose your favourite of five colours, as well as one of three screen sizes – 43″, 55″ or 65″.

Read more about Sky Glass in our complete guide here.


Sky Stream

Sky’s newest hardware option, Sky Stream is an under-the-TV box that works completely over your home internet connection. Unlike Sky Q, a Sky Stream box doesn’t need to be connected to an external satellite dish.

Sky Stream is a great option for properties where it is impossible to install a satellite dish. However, there are some Sky channels that are only available on Sky Q, and can’t be watched through Sky Stream or Sky Glass. Check our complete channel guide below to see which channels are available.

Sky Stream provides your TV entirely over your internet, so if you’re planning to watch 4K or Ultra HD TV you’ll need a high-speed connection. If your home internet is already stretched thin between user demands, Sky Q would be a better option.

How to get Sky TV  

To get expert advice and exclusive deals on Sky TV packages, book a free call with Please Connect Me.   

Our Connections Experts will help you build the perfect package and find a great deal on Sky TV, broadband, mobile and more.

If you prefer to go direct, you can order Sky TV through the Sky website.

We have an affiliate partnership with Sky, which means we may earn from orders made on this page. This lets us offer free utility help and advice and there’s never any extra cost to you.  

Sky and the TV Licence

If you watch live TV in the UK, you’re legally required to have a TV licence. This includes watching digital channels and streaming live TV through Sky.

Your TV licence isn’t included in your Sky package. Learn more, including how to apply, here. 


Read more about Sky TV:

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