New Price cap could increase energy bills by £600

by | Feb 1, 2022 | Bills, Electricity & Gas, News

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  1. What is the Energy Price Cap?
  2. Why are my bills increasing?
  3. Will this affect me?
  4. Are there deals available now?
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The energy regulator Ofgem will announce tomorrow the new price cap, and how much bills will increase for 22 million households across the UK.

Changes will come into force on the 1st of April. It is expected that over 22 million households will be affected by the new cap with a 50% increase in energy bills.

In the last review in October, Ofgem raised the cap by 12% to £1,277. However, due to ongoing pressure in the wholesale market for electricity and gas – this is expected to rise again, but this time to record levels. 

Bar graph showing the Ofgem energy price cap since January 2019

Ofgem energy price cap since January 2019 (Source: Energy helpline)


What is the Energy Price Cap? 

Ofgem’s Energy Price Cap  – the maximum amount a supplier is allowed to charge an “average user”. Its purpose is to protect consumers from expensive tariffs. The cap is reviewed twice yearly in August and February with any changes in the cap effective two months after the announcement.


Why is the price cap increasing my bills?

Due to supply shortages in the wholesale market, gas prices skyrocketed 250% and many energy suppliers struggled to keep their heads above water. At the beginning of 2021, there were about 70 companies supplying energy to the UK. Since then, more than 30 ceased trading or entered special administration, affecting over 2 million customers across the UK. This includes Bulb, Avro, Green, People’s energy, Utility point, Pure planet, and many smaller companies.


List of logos of energy firms that went bust in 2021 due to the energy crisis, including Ampower, Avro, Bluegreen, Bulb, CNG, Colorado energy, Daligas, Enstroga, Entice energy, Goto energy, Green, Green network energy, Igloo, MA Energy, Money plus energy, Neon reef energy, Omni energy, Orbit energy, Hub energy, People's energy company, PFP energy, Pure planet, Simplicity, Social energy, Symbio energy, Together energy, Utility point, Zog energy, Zebra power

List of energy firms that went bust in 2021(Source: Ofgem)


In order to help remaining energy firms stay afloat, the price cap is regulated to “balance” the cost of wholesale energy. As the price cap continues to rise in parallel with fixed deal offers, it no longer serves as the safety net for consumers, but instead the best deal available.


Line graph showing the difference between price cap and cheapest available tariffs over the years

Line graph showing the difference between price cap and cheapest available tariffs over the years (Source: Cornwall Insight)


The gap between the cheapest variable energy deals available on the market and the energy price cap has shrunk dramatically over the past year from £171 to now £2 (as of. 27 January).


Will the price cap change affect me?

The UK relies heavily on gas for electricity production. This increase in price cap will likely affect over 22 million homes that are currently on standard tariffs, including the 2.3 million customers whose suppliers went bust in the past year.

If you are currently on a standard tariff, or your fixed energy plan is coming to an end, you are likely to be affected. It might be a good time to start looking into fixing a reasonable package when you can.


Are there deals available now?

The fixed plans available at the minute are not very competitive. You are probably better off staying with the price cap until better tariffs become available.


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