How to watch the Champions League 2018

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Broadband & Phone, TV

We’re getting down to the business end of the season, which means matches become all the more important, dreams of lifting trophies begin to creep in and those teams who have nothing to play for are all but on the beach. But as for us fans, we get the delight of watching these pulsating and epic clashes.

But how exactly can you watch the Champions League?


How can you watch this season’s Champions League?

Up until 2015, the Champions League was shown on free-to-air TV via ITV. Sky Sports also held the rights to show the majority of live Champions League matches until BT acquired exclusive rights to broadcast the competition in 2013. So, in order to watch the Champions League in the UK this season and until at least 2021, you must have access to BT Sport.


How can I get BT Sport? 

If you want to eliminate all the hard work of finding the best way to get BT Sport and skip straight to enjoying every Champions League match live (as well as a host of Premier League, Europa League and FA Cup matches), simply get in touch with us. Our experts keep up-to-date daily on all the best packages and deals and have helped thousands of customers already get set up with broadband and TV packages that include BT Sport.

It won’t you a thing to call us and use our service, there’s no contract or obligation to use us if you call up and you will get straight through to one of the team. So for the sake of a five-minute call, why not get in touch and see how cheap BT Sport could be for you?


Can I get BT Sport if I have Virgin?

Yes. If you have a Virgin package for broadband and TV you will be able to get BT Sport. Virgin and BT Sport work with one another meaning the former can offer the latter’s service as part of their broadband and TV bundles. Virgin do offer broadband-only packages, but you should still be able to upgrade to ensure you have BT Sport added simply by getting in touch with the provider directly.

We get £25 discount for all Virgin packages, so it may be worth speaking to us and seeing if you can save by using Please Connect Me’s free service.


Can I get BT Sport if I have Sky?

Yes. If you have Sky TV then you can get BT Sport. Instead of upgrading to a different package inclusive of BT Sport as was the case with Virgin, you simply just purchase BT Sport separately as a Sky customer.


I have BT broadband already, how do I get BT Sport? 

There are a few options for you if you are already with BT for broadband. You could purchase a new broadband and TV package deal with them, where you would pay a monthly price and small upfront cost to have both broadband and BT TV at your property.

If you just want BT broadband and BT Sport, you can get a broadband-only (with phone as well) package and have access to the BT Sport app where you can watch BT Sport on your mobile, tablet or computer. You can also add BT TV to an existing BT broadband package, with BT Sport a small premium on top of that.


How much will it cost to get BT Sport on… 


If you do have BT broadband or BT TV on an 18-month contract, you will get BT Sport free for 12 months and then £3.50 a month extra for the last six months of your contract. Understandably, BT Sport is much cheaper if you have a form of BT broadband or TV already (or plan on buying BT Sport with a broadband and/or TV package).


With Sky, you will be looking at a minimum of £25.99 per month on top to add BT Sport on a 12-month contract, however, it is free for the first three months.


On Virgin, bundles that include BT Sports start at £49.00 per month, so you will have to upgrade to a package at this price or more to receive access to BT Sport.


Don’t have broadband or TV at the moment? We can help!

We have an offer available at the moment that can offer you BT Sport, Sky Entertainment (300+ Sky TV channels), Sky Atlantic and a Sky Q 1TB box for just £10.00 a month for the first three months, then £35.99 a month after that. If you are interested get in touch.


Who is left in the Champions League? 

So by now, you should know how to get BT Sport, but who can you enjoy watching playing on all their channels?

With Liverpool seeing off Manchester City, beating them in both legs of their quarter-final, Mohammad Salah will lead their electric attack into the semis of the Champions League. Roma heroically came back to beat Barcelona, who are out along with fellow Spaniards Sevilla after they lost to German giants Bayern Munich. Cristiano Ronaldo scored a controversial last-minute penalty to send Real Madrid through to their eighth successive Champions League semi-final as they survived a scare from Gianluigi Buffon’s Juventus.

Here’s the draw for the Champions League semi-finals (to be played on 24th April and 1st May with the final held on 26th May):

Liverpool v Roma

Bayern Munich v Real Madrid

With BT Sport, you also get exclusive access to Europa League ties.

Here’s the Europa League semi-final draw (to be played on the 26th of April and 3rd of May with the final on 16th of May):

Atletico Madrid v Arsenal

FC Red Bull Salzburg v Marseille

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