Which is the best broadband supplier for customer service?

by | Feb 9, 2024 | Broadband & Phone, Moving Guides

We’re all about helping people find the best broadband supplier. We’ve helped thousands of movers set up their perfect packages. Along the way, we’ve learned that the best choice for broadband can mean different things to different people.

One big influence on how happy users are with their broadband is the quality of their supplier’s customer service. That’s why we keep track of Ofcom’s quarterly reports on customer complaints.

Ofcom – the Government Office for Telecoms – tracks how many complaints they receive about each provider. We’ve taken a look at the most recent findings to see what they tell us about who is the UK’s best broadband supplier.


Using customer complaints to find the best broadband supplier

Ofcom tracks the number of complaints received about UK broadband, TV, phone and mobile per 100,000 customers they serve. This means that the biggest companies aren’t unfairly penalised for their large customer base.

They also include data on the most common causes for complaints, so customers can see how brands performed on certain issues. Their most recent report covers the period from August to September 2023.

Using this data, we’ve looked at which suppliers received the fewest complaints across categories. From this, we determined which is the top supplier for customer service.


Which is the best broadband supplier in the UK?

Based on which supplier had the least complaints, Sky Broadband is the best broadband supplier in the UK. Ofcom received 5 complaints for every 100,000 Sky customers in the report period, meaning only 0.005% of customers reported issues.

Sky received 2/3 fewer complaints than the industry average of 15 per 100,000 customers. Compared to the worst-performing brand, Virgin Media, Sky customers made 84% fewer complaints to Ofcom.

This continues Sky’s record of coming out on top of Ofcom’s regular report. Sky broadband also received the fewest broadband complaints in early 2023.


Who are the best TV, phone and mobile suppliers?

The same report includes details on how many customer complaints Ofcom received about TV, landline phone and mobile providers.

[If you’re one of the increasingly few people who still uses their landline,] Sky is also the best choice. Sky had the lowest rate of reported landline complaints of any supplier – 2 per 100,000 – which was just 25% of the industry average.

Among mobile suppliers, the joint fewest complaints were made about Sky Mobile and EE. Each provider received 2 complaints per 100,000 customers, and Vodafone came a close third with 3 complaints per 100,000 customers.

The fewest Pay TV complaints were made about Talk-Talk’s TV service. Ofcom received just 1 complaint per 100,000 customers on the supplier, with Sky in a close second place at 2 per 100,000 customers. Both suppliers were significantly below the industry average of 7 complaints per 100,000 customers.

If you’re looking for the best customer experience for a combined broadband, TV, mobile or landline package then Sky is the best choice for you. Based on the data, you’re up to 400% less likely to have to raise a complaint than the industry average.

You can read the full Ofcom complaints report here.


Is it worth changing broadband supplier?

Whether it’s worth switching broadband supplier depends on a few things.

First, are you still in your initial contract period? If so, you might have to pay an exit fee. However, there are some easy ways to dodge having to pay a termination fee.

Second, do you know the best options available in your area? Which providers can offer which speeds, and even which suppliers are available can vary from house to house, even on the same street!

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