7 energy saving resolutions for 2023

by | Dec 27, 2022 | Bills, Electricity & Gas

The start of a new year is a chance to make energy saving changes and improvements to your normal routine. While resolutions typically focus on exercising more or drinking less, this year we’ll be looking at the simple commitments that can take a huge chunk out of your energy bills.

If any of the pledges below are things you’re not already doing, now’s your chance. Commit to one (or more…) of our energy saving resolutions this January and see the benefits in your bills all year long.

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Our energy saving resolutions

A power strip loaded with plugs

Leaving devices charging and on standby could be costing you big

Energy saving resolution #1

Power button of a device

I will not leave things on standby

Standby may be convenient, but it could also be costing you. The Energy Saving Trust calculated that the average home spends £55 a year on electricity just keeping devices on standby. Make sure you’re turning your devices off at the plug and put that extra cash towards something more enjoyable than a blank TV screen.

Energy saving resolution #2

Light switch

I will turn the lights off

There’s a common misconception that if you’re leaving the room for a short time, it’s more energy conscious to leave the lights on. The truth is, no matter how short the trip, you should turn off the lights every time you leave the room.  If you find yourself leaving the lights on overnight, timer plugs are a simple solution. 

Energy saving resolution #3


I will fill the kettle to the right line

The Energy Saving Trust has calculated that Britain wastes more than £68 million a year boiling water that we don’t use. To make this commitment easier, keep a mug next to your sink. Fill your kettle with the right number of mugs rather than trying to do it by eye and save electricity with every cuppa.


Energy saving resolution #4

Thermostat at home

I will try turning down my thermostat by one degree

How warm do you keep your home? HomeServe found that the average UK home was heated to around 23°C in winter, while the World Health Organisation says 18°C is sufficient for healthy adults. If you normally keep your thermostat above 20°C, try bringing it down by one degree. For every degree you lower your normal thermostat setting you’ll save around £100 a year.


Energy saving resolution #5

Person holding a few jumpers

I will reach for my jumper first

Once you’ve dropped the thermostat down, pledge not to turn it up unless you’ve already put on a pair of socks and a warm jumper. It’s much easier to keep just yourself cosy than trying to warm your home. If you wear your socks to bed, the extra warmth might even help you sleep better.

Energy saving resolution #6

Over frozen freezer

I will defrost the freezer

It’s certainly not my favourite pastime – especially in the winter – but if your freezer is full of ice then it’s using extra energy. The less airflow there is in your freezer, the harder the motor must work and the more electricity it consumes. This is Money report putting a few hours aside to defrost your freezer can save you up to £200 annually. 

Energy saving resolution #7

Pans in a house

I will use the right pan

When you cook on the hob, make sure the ring is warming up your food and not the entire kitchen. Use the smallest pan that can comfortably fit what you’re cooking, and choose a hob ring slightly smaller than the bottom of the pan. If the flames or heating element stick out around the edge most of the heat will be lost. You can also save energy when cooking by popping a lid on anything that’s boiling.


Bonus: I will register with Please Connect Me

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