5 top tips for getting the best deal for broadband

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Broadband & Phone, Moving Guides, Services


Whether you think broadband is the most revolutionary invention of all time, or feel threatened by its ever-growing power and control it has over the human race, it’s here to stay. It is thoroughly ingrained into our society and we all use it for many aspects of our lives. Therefore, it’s crucial to get the right broadband package for you, and that starts primarily with price and speed of the package. We connect our customers on a daily basis with the best broadband packages with a range of providers, so here are our top tips for getting the absolute best deal for your broadband.


1. Shop around  

This may seem obvious, but many people are loyal to their broadband company or simply can’t be bothered to look at switching as they perceive it as being difficult.

It is not too difficult at all when you know what you are doing, but why not try getting in touch with us first? Our experts keep up to date daily on the broadband market and always know exactly what the best deals available are for each different broadband requirement. PLUS, we also get exclusive discounts for a range of providers, so if you already see a package you like, it is worth getting in touch anyway as we will most likely be able to beat the price!


2. Use your situation 

Most, if not all, providers won’t want to lose your custom. Unless they were to offer something ludicrous (such as free broadband), they will always still be making money even when they offer you a knock-off price on your broadband. Therefore, use that leverage to barter the best possible deal.

If a provider is not willing to budge and is offering you a poor deal, there is no harm in walking away. For the most part, properties in the U.K are very well connected and have a large choice of broadband providers. So if one provider isn’t making you happy, another will. You can also play two providers off against one another in the hope that they continue to undercut one another until you’re left with a deal of all deals (it has been known to happen!).


3. Know your stuff 

Nobody is expecting you to become the world’s leading broadband expert, but it is definitely worth brushing up on your knowledge of the industry. Firstly, know the terms. If you are not sure your Megabits from your Megabytes, it is definitely worth checking out our broadband jargon buster.

Secondly, know what the prices are like at the moment in the industry. Get some context into prices so you know when a good deal is being offered to you and when providers are simply trying to fob you off. Having said that, it is not all about the price. A deal that’s £20 a month sounds cheap, but if it is for just 1Mbps speeds and is a 24-month contract, it’s horrendous value. Equally, £50 a month seems expensive but if the package is for 1Gb speeds on a month-by-month contract with free Sky Sports and a £150 reward card to go, it’s more than worth the expensive price.


4. Know what you want 

This ties in with the last point, but make sure you know exactly what you want from a broadband contract. Many people know they are paying too much for their broadband and want to switch on to a cheaper deal, but it is important to have a clear indication of what you want.

That also means knowing your limitations. Are you only in the country for the next year? In that case a 12-month contract is what’s needed and a longer contract may cause complications. Can your property only receive certain speeds under 19Mbps? In that case there’s no point spending more for fibre broadband as you will not reach the speeds that you’re paying for.


5. Find the balance between greed and acceptance 

This is less a broadband tip and more general negotiation advice. But you will be offered something at some point, and the deal will almost certainly be better than what you have at the moment… but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth taking.

It is important to not be greedy, but also not be too accepting of offers. Find a balance between the two. Too greedy and you could end up missing out on a good deal. Too accepting and you could end up accepting something not-so great and not fully exploiting your situation.

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