Winning The Best New Company Award at RBKC Business Awards 2018

Oct 31, 2018 | News

Please Connect Me conquering Kensington and Chelsea Business Awards 2018.

Living the dream.
We are pleased to announce that Please Connect Me has won the Best New Business award in Kensington and Chelsea Business awards, which took place on 18th of October in Millennium Gloucester Kensington Hotel.

There were 13 categories and Please Connect Me was nominated for 2 of them – ‘The Best Customer Service’ and ‘The Best New Company’. The competition was quite tough due to the fact that more than 100 companies had entered the competition.


How did it all go down?
The ceremony started off with all the contestants having a glass of Prosecco in the conservatory, which was beautifully designed with shining palm trees and glorious ice sculptures.

Afterwards the sponsors of the event gave their opening speech and everybody was ready to head down to the Orchard Room and have a spectacular 3 course dinner.


The award ceremony.
After the dinner the award ceremony started and the PCM team was full of hope and their eyes shined bright in the dim light of the Orchard room.

The first category that came up was the Best Customer Service and we were more than sure that this is the best shot we have got to get the Award! (Fun fact: We have received only 5 Star reviews both on Google and Facebook from more than 400 customers)
The boys were ready to jump on the stage and steal all the spotlight. Unfortunately, Please Connect Me was not even mentioned in this category. We were all shattered to pieces and did not know what had gone wrong, it must had been a mistake!

We did not lose our hopes though, because we knew that there is one more category for us. It was a stressful wait, our hearts were beating at unbelievable speeds and then it happened – Please Connect Me received their first award and took the spotlight!


“Hard work pays off, it just takes time.”, Dan Munro, CEO of Please Connect Me

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