Why did Apple face ID fail?

by | Sep 14, 2017 | News

Has the failure of Face ID during the demo of the latest apple handset left a sour taste for its consumers?

At the unveiling of iPhone X on Tuesday, Apple embarrassingly had a technical glitch when tempting to demonstrate their facial recognition feature.

Apple blamed the problem on the lockout mechanism triggered by staff moving the handset too much before its unveiling. They overcame this hiccup by using another backup device to demonstrate this feature, which managed to correctly demonstrate the facial ID system.

The hitch was widely reported by the media around the world, with Yahoo News being the first to the mark.

The company’s representative said “People were handling the device for [the] stage demo ahead of time and didn’t realise Face ID was trying to authenticate their face,”. Adding to this, Apple defended the system by calling it “effortless” and is a replacement for the fingerprint unlocking system, because the new handset doesn’t have a home button.

Despite the glitch only lasting seconds on stage, out of a two-hour presentation, it still seems to have raised a huge amount of criticism over the reliability of this new feature. Moreover, the facial system has raised questions about it being easier for thieves to force users to unlock the phone and if the system would leave women who wear hijabs or other face wear struggling to unlock their phones.

The steep price of the handset and the unreliable facial ID system, only leaves potential consumers questioning if it is really worth buying.

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