Where to watch Premier League matches – August/September 2022

by | Aug 9, 2022 | TV

With the Lionesses finally bringing it home in the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 and the Premier League kicking off this weekend, we’re all ready for the second half of a legendary summer for football. With matches split between BT, Sky and Amazon, it can be tricky to know where to watch the Premier League matches you’re looking for. Use our match listings below to check who’s playing who – and who’ll be airing the match.

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Where to watch Premier League matches – BT Sport, Sky Sports or Amazon Prime?


– Amazon Prime hasn’t purchased the rights to any matches in the first seven weeks of the season. Currently, the only matches they have confirmed they will be airing are the full block of fixtures between 18th and 20th October.

 – Sky Sports have the rights to 26 matches in the first block of the season – with 22 still to air – and 128 matches throughout the entire season

 – Sky’s first 26 games include at least one match from all 20 premiership teams and every currently scheduled game between last season’s top 6 teams

 – BT Sport has secured the rights to at least 52 matches this season, with 16 still to air before the break at the end of September

 – For the games that aren’t being shown on TV, you can watch highlights from every Premier League match this season for free through the Sky Sports app, or on the dedicated Sky Sports Premier League channel.

2022/23 Premier League schedule (and where to watch)

Date Team 1 Team 2 Airing On Time
13/08 Aston Villa Everton BT Sport 12:30
13/08 Arsenal Leicester Not Aired 15:00
13/08 Brighton Newcastle Not Aired 15:00
13/08 Manchester City Bournemouth Not Aired 15:00
13/08 Southampton Leeds Not Aired 15:00
13/08 Brentford Manchester United Sky Sports 17:30
14/08 Nottingham Forest West Ham Sky Sports 14:00
14/08 Chelsea Spurs Sky Sports 16:30
15/08 Liverpool Crystal Palace Sky Sports 20:00
20/08 Spurs Wolves BT Sport 12:30
20/08 Crystal Palace Aston Villa Not Aired 15:00
20/08 Everton Nottingham Forest Not Aired 15:00
20/08 Fulham Brentford Not Aired 15:00
20/08 Leicester Southampton Not Aired 15:00
20/08 Bournemouth Arsenal Sky Sports 17:30
21/08 Leeds Chelsea Sky Sports 14:00
21/08 West Ham Brighton Not Aired 14:00
21/08 Newcastle Manchester City Sky Sports 16:30
22/08 Manchester United Liverpool Sky Sports 20:00
27/08 Southampton Manchester United BT Sport 12:30
27/08 Brentford Everton Not Aired 15:00
27/08 Brighton Leeds Not Aired 15:00
27/08 Chelsea Leicester Not Aired 15:00
27/08 Liverpool Bournemouth Not Aired 15:00
27/08 Manchester City Crystal Palace Not Aired 15:00
27/08 Arsenal Fulham Sky Sports 17:30
28/08 Aston Villa West Ham Not Aired 14:00
28/08 Wolves Newcastle Sky Sports 14:00
28/08 Nottingham Forest Spurs Sky Sports 16:30
30/08 Crystal Palace Brentford BT Sport 19:30
30/08 Fulham Brighton BT Sport 19:30
30/08 Southampton Chelsea BT Sport 19:45
30/08 Leeds Everton BT Sport 20:00
31/08 Bournemouth Wolves BT Sport 19:30
31/08 Arsenal Aston Villa BT Sport 19:30
31/08 Man City Nott’m Forest BT Sport 19:30
31/08 West Ham Spurs BT Sport 19:45
31/08 Liverpool Newcastle BT Sport 20:00
01/09 Leicester Manchester United BT Sport 20:00
03/09 Everton Liverpool BT Sport 12:30
03/09 Brentford Leeds Not Aired 15:00
03/09 Newcastle Crystal Palace Not Aired 15:00
03/09 Nottingham Forest Bournemouth Not Aired 15:00
03/09 Spurs Fulham Not Aired 15:00
03/09 Wolves Southampton Not Aired 15:00
03/09 Aston Villa Manchester City Sky Sports 17:30
04/09 Brighton Leicester Not Aired 14:00
04/09 Chelsea West Ham Sky Sports 14:00
04/09 Manchester United Arsenal Sky Sports 16:30
10/09 Fulham Chelsea BT Sport 12:30
10/09 Bournemouth Brighton Not Aired 15:00
10/09 Leicester Aston Villa Not Aired 15:00
10/09 Liverpool Wolves Not Aired 15:00
10/09 Southampton Brentford Not Aired 15:00
10/09 Manchester City Spurs Sky Sports 17:30
11/09 Arsenal Everton Not Aired 14:00
11/09 West Ham Newcastle Sky Sports 14:00
11/09 Crystal Palace Manchester United Sky Sports 16:30
12/09 Leeds Nottingham Forest Sky Sports 20:00
16/09 Aston Villa Southampton Sky Sports 20:00
16/09 Nott’m Forest Fulham Not Aired 20:00
17/09 Wolves Man City BT Sport 12:30
17/09 Brighton Crystal Palace Not Aired 15:00
17/09 Everton West Ham Not Aired 15:00
17/09 Newcastle Bournemouth Not Aired 15:00
17/09 Spurs Leicester Sky Sports 17:30
18/09 Brentford Arsenal Sky Sports 14:00
18/09 Manchester United Leeds Not Aired 14:00
18/09 Chelsea Liverpool Sky Sports 16:30


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