How to choose the best day to move house

by | Nov 16, 2023 | Moving, Moving Guides

Choosing the best day to move house can make settling into your new home much simpler, and even save you money on your removal costs.

While every move is different, we’ve looked at the advice of top removal firms, as well as data on the most popular days to move house in the UK. Use our top tips to find the perfect moving day for you!



What’s the best day of the week to move house?

Friday is by far the most popular day of the week to move home. In fact, almost 30% of home moves between 2011 and 2022 were on a Friday!

Friday moves are popular because they fit with the schedules of those working Monday to Friday, leaving the weekend after the move for unpacking so they can return to work with minimal disruption.

However, the popularity of Friday as a moving day brings some downsides. Moving teams and vans are much more likely to book up on a Friday versus other days of the week. Another point to remember is, if you are buying a new home, moving on Friday could put you at risk of delays. Banks usually don’t accept transfers after 3 pm on a Friday, so make sure everything is completed well before then or you may face waiting till Monday to exchange contracts.

Location, Location, Location host Phil Spencer believes the best day to move house is actually Tuesday. Not only will the lack of competition make it easier to book quality movers – they may even offer a mid-week discount to entice off-peak moves.


Should you move house on the weekend?

At first glance moving on the weekend might seem like a good way to avoid taking any time off work. However, it’s usually recommended against.

Moving companies tend to charge a premium for weekend work, if they’re available to book at all. Your estate agent is also likely to be closed, making it difficult to reach someone if you have any problems.

Add in the fact that your bank will be closed if you need to make any last-minute payments, electricians and handymen will charge a premium for a weekend call-out and the odds of you actually getting anything unpacked before Monday are close to nil.

With all these factors considered, it’s not surprising that Sunday is the least popular day to move house in the UK.


What’s the best season to move house?

Just as Friday is by far the most popular day of the week for moves, August is the most popular month. In fact, the last Friday in August sees four times more moves than the average day.

August is a popular move for months largely because it falls in the school holidays. For any movers with children, avoiding pulling their kids out of class is a top priority.

The summer months are also popular with movers because of the longer days and the chance of better weather. While a dry day is never guaranteed in the UK, the three most popular months for moves, August, September and July are much dryer than the three quietest months February, January and April.

Generally, you’ll have much less flexibility on the time of year that you move than the day of the week. However, if you are choosing a time of year to move then you can take these factors into consideration.

If you don’t have children then moving inside the school term is likely to be cheaper, with less demand for removal companies. If you’re moving more than a few hours away then look at a date during the summer – otherwise you’ll be loading and unloading all your possessions in the dark, cold and – most likely – wet.


The city where everyone moves on the same day

Did you know that in Montreal, Canada most people move house on the same day? Due to a quirk of the city’s contract law in the past most tenancies end and begin on July 1st, and in a city full of renters that means a lot of people moving house!

In a typical year around 10% of the city – 130,000 people – move on the same day, making professional movers and trucks almost impossible to hire.

While the tradition is popular with residents for the sense of community it fosters, our advice is the best day to move house probably isn’t the day that 100,000+ of your neighbours are also moving.

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