Ways to save with a home smart meter

by | Nov 6, 2023 | Bills, Electricity & Gas

Do you have a home smart meter yet? With 33 million installed across the UK in homes and small businesses, they now make up 58% of the nation’s energy meters.

Why have smart meters proven so popular? These handy gadgets help you keep track of your energy usage so you can cut down your bills and your carbon footprint.

Here are six ways a home smart meter can help you save energy and money on your bills.


1. Real-time Energy Monitoring

One of the key advantages of home smart meters is the ability to monitor your energy usage in real-time. With this information, you can see the impact of each device you use around the home.
By making small adjustments to your daily routines, such as turning off lights or unplugging devices when not in use, you can see immediate results on your smart meter.

2. Accurate Billing

Traditional meters rely on self-reported readings, which can sometimes lead to billing inaccuracies and overcharging. Home smart meters ensure accurate billing by eliminating the need for estimated readings. You only pay for the energy you actually use, saving you money and avoiding disputes with your utility company.

3. Perfect timing with off-peak energy

If you pay a cheaper rate for off-peak energy then a smart meter makes it easy to plan your usage for the best time of day. Scheduling energy-intensive tasks like laundry for the off-peak period will cut your energy bill.


4. Spot vampire devices with a home energy meter

Electrical devices left plugged in are known as ‘vampire devices’ because they sneakily drain energy in your home. Using your smart meter it’s easy to find the devices that are costing you even when they’re not in use and unplug them.


5. Set Energy Usage Goals

Home smart meters allow you to set energy usage goals and track your progress towards them. By challenging yourself to reduce your consumption, you can make conscious choices to turn off unnecessary lights, adjust thermostats, or invest in energy-efficient appliances, all of which contribute to saving money in the long run.


6. Remote Monitoring and Control

Modern smart meters often come with remote monitoring and control capabilities. This means you can adjust your home’s temperature, lighting and other devices from your smartphone or computer, even when you’re away. This remote control can help you save money by ensuring your home operates efficiently, even when you’re not there!


Installing a home smart meter is a simple step towards energy efficiency that can lead to substantial savings on your energy bills. By offering real-time data, accurate billing, off-peak scheduling, detecting energy wastage, helping you set goals, and allowing for remote control and monitoring, these devices empower you to make informed decisions that ultimately reduce your energy consumption and lower your costs.


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