TV licence fee frozen until 2024

by | Mar 7, 2023 | Bills, TV

Good news for telly lovers – one of the bills that won’t be going up this April is your TV licence fee. Householders typically see increases to regular bills in April as companies make inflation-based adjustments at the start of the new tax year. However, the government has confirmed that the TV licence fee will stay at the same level until 2024.

Why has the licence fee been frozen?

The licence fee freeze was announced in 2022 by then Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries. Amidst the rising cost of living, the intention was to keep the licence fee as affordable as possible.

Discussing the move, Dorries said, ‘This is a fair settlement for the BBC and for licence fee payers. The BBC must support people at a time when their finances are strained, make savings and efficiencies, and use the billions in public funding it receives to deliver for viewers, listeners and users.’

How much does a TV licence cost?

A TV licence costs £159 a year and most households pay in monthly instalments of £13.25.

Your TV licence is free if you’re aged 75 or over and you, or your partner living at the same address, are receiving Pension Credit.

Those who are blind or severely sight impaired receive a 50% discount on the licence fee and pay £79.50 a year. For those who only use a black and white television the licence costs £53.50. If you live in a care home or sheltered accommodation you may qualify for a discounted licence which costs £7.50.


Will the TV licence fee change after April 2024?

The current plan is for the TV licence fee to remain at £159 until April 2024. It will then rise in cost in line with inflation for the following four years. Based on current projections, the fee will increase by around £3.50 next year to £162.50. By the end of the scheme, the annual TV licence fee is expected to be under £175. 


Do I need a TV licence?

A TV licence is a legal requirement for anyone watching live broadcast TV or watching BBC iPlayer. You don’t need a TV licence to watch DVDs or other streaming services, even if you use a television set. Read more in our ‘Do I need a TV licence?’ guide here.

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