Rebel Energy might be the UK’s best energy supplier

by | Jun 1, 2023 | Electricity & Gas

Every day, we are inundated with requests to recommend energy providers to switch to, especially since the onset of the energy crisis and its ongoing challenges.

Some have just moved into a new home, and are looking for a quick and convenient way to set up billing. Others have had a poor experience with one of the big energy companies and are looking for a supplier with efficient and friendly support. For some households, it’s a matter of finding the most environmentally friendly energy to help cut their carbon footprint.

Whatever the reason for switching, for almost every client our answer is the same – Rebel Energy is the best UK energy supplier to switch to right now.

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What is Rebel Energy?

Launched in 2021 by Penelope Hope and Dan Bates, Rebel Energy is a new UK-based energy supplier. With a strong commitment to renewable solutions, Rebel challenges the energy industry status quo and provides customers with affordable, clean, and reliable energy.

Three aspects of Rebel Energy’s model in particular make them stand out among other newer energy companies and industry giants alike.

A true investment in ecological sustainability that goes beyond carbon credit purchases, a goal to end fuel poverty entirely, and exceptional customer service that doesn’t waste your time.


The ‘Most Reachable’ customer service

Larger energy companies often come under fire for their poor customer service. The UK’s five biggest energy suppliers – British Gas, OVO, E.On, EDF and Scottish Power – all scored just 2.5/5 for their customer service in Uswitch’s most recent report.

In contrast, customer care is one of Rebel Energy’s top priorities. In fact, they claim that their team offers ‘the best and most accessible customer service in the country.’ When things do go wrong with your gas and electricity, dealing with endless chatbots or waiting in phone queues is the last thing you want to do. Rebel Energy’s responsive and expert support is one of the biggest reasons we recommend them to our clients.


Ending Fuel Poverty

With one in ten households in the UK experiencing fuel poverty, it’s more important than ever for energy companies to offer support to the customers who need it most. As well as offering a flexible tariff capped by the Energy Price Cap, Rebel also supports its customers by helping to improve credit scores and identify available grants and benefits.

Perhaps most importantly, Rebel has committed to pricing strategies that don’t unfairly target lower-income households. Poorer families have been the most affected by recent price rises, and policies like pre-payment meters and predatory tariffs further exacerbate the problem. By offering a fair tariff, Rebel aims to end fuel poverty while offering all of their customers affordable energy bills.


What tariffs do Rebel Energy offer?

Rebel Energy currently only offer one tariff to customers – their flexible tariff is protected by the EPG and, from July 1st, the EPC. This is the best value tariff widely available right now, and with no exit fees customers are free to switch to a better value fixed-rate tariff when they become available.


Switching to Rebel Energy

If you’re interested in switching to Rebel Energy, sign up for Please Connect Me today. Our team of Connections Experts can take you through the process of switching in just a few minutes and answer any questions you might have about your energy supply.

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