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by | May 12, 2023 | Partners, Please Connect Me, Property

The latest Please Connect Me partner survey found that agents using our free utility concierge universally agreed that it added value to their relocation packages.

The survey covered professionals across the international relocation, home moving and property management industries and was carried out at the end of Q1, 2023. As well as 100% of participants agreeing that we added value to their offering, respondents were also enthusiastic about the high level of customer service and time-saving efficiency of our team.

You can download a full version of the report here to learn more about what industry experts expect from the market in 2023.

But what is Please Connect Me, and why do our partners recommend it so highly?


What is Please Connect Me?

Designed to make setting up utilities in the UK easier, Please Connect Me is a comprehensive utility concierge service. Over a brief phone call, one of our Connections Experts will answer any questions clients might have about utilities in the UK, whether it’s their first time in the country or they’re a seasoned home mover.

Please Connect Me handles all of the mandatory utility registrations, saving an average of seven hours of administration for each property. For other household services – everything from broadband and TV to professional cleaning – we can help set up contracts with the UK’s biggest and best providers, saving customers up to £309 on their annual household bills.

For the agents that use Please Connect Me, the value added to their relocation packages is enormous.

First, their clients can trade the stressful process of setting up a home in the UK for a single, friendly phone call covering everything they want to arrange.

Second, agents save hours by avoiding the administration that usually comes from opening utility accounts, and by letting our expert support team handle any follow-up client questions.

Third, and perhaps most valuable of all, Please Connect Me pays generous commissions to agents for their referrals, adding a significant passive revenue stream to the agency’s operation.


What do relocation agents think of Please Connect Me?

We regularly survey our partners to measure their satisfaction and identify areas for improvement. In the most recent, 100% of respondents indicated that they felt offering Please Connect Me as part of their packages added value for their clients, despite actually being a source of revenue.

Other feedback from the survey was also extremely positive. 85% of respondents said they spend less time dealing with clients’ utilities since adding Please Connect Me to their packages. When asked to elaborate, the other 15% of responses showed that these agents hadn’t previously handled utilities for their clients at all, or had used a less comprehensive or non-commission paying utility service.

When asked for examples of feedback they had received from their clients and colleagues, agents emphasised the ease of the service and how much clients appreciated handling all their services in one place. In fact, 69% of those surveyed had never received negative feedback from their clients about Please Connect Me’s service.


Relocation agents unanimously agreed that Please Connect Me improved the value of their packages.

Growing in 2023

Perhaps the most valuable information that can be gained from this kind of partner survey is areas in which the business can improve and develop.

This was certainly the case here, with the feedback we received already being used to identify areas for improvement. One concern that clients have been bringing up with agents is the rising cost of living in the UK. It’s not surprising that this is still a major concern when last year the ONS reported that this was a worry for 77% of UK adults.

To help with these concerns, we’ve updated our popular Utility Calculator, originally released last year. The update uses the latest average usage and per-unit costs for gas, electricity and water to help movers accurately predict bills in their new home. Even visitors who aren’t moving home can use the calculator to help budget or spot if they’re overpaying for one of their utilities.

Agents also mentioned the increasing trend of customers requesting insurance for pets that they had moved with. With 27% of adults in the UK now owning a dog, we will be looking at adding pet insurance to our existing portfolio of insurance partners.

You can download Please Connect Me’s full report on the survey, including 2023 property market predictions here, free! 


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