Estimate your utility bills with our Utility Bills Calculator (updated 2023)

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Bills, Electricity & Gas, TV, Water

With energy rates changing every other month, many are wondering how new prices would reflect in their household utility bills.


Easily estimate your utility bills

To help you better budget for your household, we have put together a utility calculator where you can estimate your bills. As the energy price cap changes, we’ll keep the calculator updated with the latest unit rates and standing charge figures.


How to use our bill calculator

Simply select one of the household usage bands in the drop-down menu, or input your consumption units if you know them (for electricity and gas).

Want to estimate your bills? Use our Utility Bill Calculator here 

What is the energy price cap?

The energy price cap does what it says on the tin – it’s a cap or limit on the amount that energy suppliers in the UK can charge for domestic electricity and gas. Read more about it here


Can I switch to another supplier to save money?

Energy comparison sites use your estimated energy usage to compare existing energy tariffs to the default ‘standard variable’ tariffs customers are automatically placed on. These used to be some of the most expensive energy tariffs available. However, since 2019, these are actually the lowest-priced tariffs on the market.

As the default tariff is the cheapest available, energy price comparison sites are not finding any results when searching for a cheaper option. If you are on the standard variable tariff, or if you’re on the energy tariff that was in place when you first moved in, then there are currently no cheaper energy tariffs available.

This applies whether you’re using an automatic comparison or a bespoke service like Please Connect Me to find the best rates – the tariff in place by default will always be your cheapest option.

Why are there no tariffs on energy price comparison sites?


Looking for ways to save on your utility bill?

As energy bills are based on usage, the top way to lower your bills will be to reduce your home energy usage where you can. We’ve published guides on how to save energy during the summer, and how to lower your household bills if your property has a poor EPC. You can also save by switching to a direct debit payment if you haven’t already.

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