How do the best estate agents stand out?

by | Jan 24, 2024 | Partners

There are many factors a mover might consider when choosing the best estate agent for them. If you want to be the agent that movers choose, that means you need to be considering them too.

Word-of-mouth recommendations continue to be vital. With less than half of home sellers in 2023 strongly recommending their estate agents, only the top firms are getting those important referrals.

Here are some of the less obvious ways you can help your offering stand out and build a reputation as the best estate agent in your area.


Be the best estate agent in your niche

With almost 53,000 estate agents in the UK at the end of 2023, it can be difficult to stand out among the crowd. One method is to find a particular niche and focus on promoting yourself as the leader for that segment, whether it’s family homes in Commutervilles or helping first-time movers secure a one-bedroom flat.

Build an online presence

Buying, selling or renting a home is an intense period, and you want to stay present in your client’s minds long after it’s passed. A strong online presence through social media can do just that, periodically reminding everyone that your service exists. Remember, you want to be on the tip of their tongue when their are asked “Who’s the best estate agent locally?” by friends.

Making sure that your social media presence is active and full of relevant information will encourage your customers to follow and keep following you. Just be sure not to lose followers by posting too much irrelevant or low-quality content!

The best estate agents leverage social media to stay in their client’s minds

How to use new technology as an estate agent

The Covid-19 pandemic changed how houses are sold but, in the post-lockdown era, many agents are reverting to old habits. Stand out among other agents in your area by continuing to offer virtual tours, which are more convenient for busy professionals. Research has shown that virtual tours have a particular benefit in less sought-after neighbourhoods, where the extra technological edge helps listings stand out.

Beyond virtual tours, tools like an out-of-hours chatbot on your website or an automatic social media responder can stop you from missing out on potential leads that contact you outside of business hours.

Why offer post-move support?

Does your client support end at the exchange of keys? If so, you could be missing out on the golden period for cementing yourself in the mover’s memories. Offering post-move support of some kind allows you to stay relevant in your client’s minds when they’re past the most stressful point of the move. Plus, you have more chances to make a positive impression.

As for what support to offer, while this could be as simple as having information on your website to help with settling in, our recommendation would be to add free utility set-up services to your packages. Clients who are moving home can get five-star help with home admin, saving time and stress and improving their experience with their move and -indirectly – you. If you currently offer utility help, referring that to a trusted partner saves you time and effort while earning you additional revenue on each referral.

Keeping clients in the know

Moving home is a stressful time and the fewer places your clients have to go hunting for information the better. That’s why the best estate agents provide downloadable guides, explainer pages and useful tools on their website.

Don’t have a content team or web developer on staff? Experts are waiting to help, including our content team here at Please Connect Me. We can help develop custom site content or help you host one of our utility calculators. Just reach out to us at for more information.

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