Connecting utilities: what happens when you move home?

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Moving house is already complicated, and disconnecting and connecting utilities at your old and new home is another piece of the puzzle.

To make things simpler, we’ve broken down what to do with each of your essential utilities and services when you move out and the best way to get them set up at your new home.

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Closing and Connecting Utilities when you move


One thing that makes connecting utilities at your new home particularly stressful is the worry that you will be left without power, heat or water on the day you arrive. The good news is, in the UK, these essential utilities are only disconnected in an emergency. All three will be available to use on the day you arrive.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything, however. The fact that your electricity won’t be disconnected at your old house means you need to take closing meter readings and contact your supplier when you move out. Otherwise, you could be billed for energy used by the next occupants.

Closing your existing account is simple. Take a final meter reading on the day you move, and send this to your supplier alongside the date you moved. If you’re not sure who your electricity supplier is, check your last bill. The simplest way to reach out will be through your supplier’s website. They’ll calculate any remaining payments owed and send you a final bill to your new address.

Once you arrive at your new home you will need to find the current energy supplier and inform them you’ve moved in. You can do this by speaking to the previous occupants, or our Connections Experts can find all your current suppliers as part of helping you with connecting utilities. Once you’re registered you’re free to switch to the supplier of your choice.



If you have a mains gas supply, closing your old account and registering for a new one is handled in the same way as electricity. In fact, gas and electricity are usually supplied by the same company. This means you can provide closing details for both at once.

Just like with electricity, if you have gas at your new home you’ll need to find the current supplier and let them know you’ve moved in. Then you can switch to the supplier and tariff you’d prefer.



In the UK, your water supplier is determined by where you live – you aren’t able to choose. You can find the supplier for your old or new home here.

Closing your account requires contacting your supplier with the details of when you moved out. If you have a water meter, you can also supply a closing reading, but these are only installed in around half of UK properties.

When you move into your new home you’ll need to contact your new supplier and let them know. You’ll get a closing bill from your old supplier and a first bill from your new supplier delivered by post to your new address.


Council Tax

Just like with water, your local Council is determined by where you live, so there are no decisions to make. Reach out to your current Council once you know the details of your move. They’ll calculate a final bill and send it to your new address. Council Tax is typically paid in advance, and you are entitled to a refund of any overpayment.

The quickest way to register with your new Council is through their website, but it will take between 4 and 8 weeks for their welcome letter and first bill to arrive. Once it does, you can use the details included to set up recurring payments.



In 2024 internet access is an essential service, but getting it set up is a little more complicated than connecting utilities like water or electricity. Broadband is disconnected at the end of a contract, so unless internet services are included with your property you will need to have these installed.

Similarly, most internet suppliers require 30 days of notice to close an account, so you should reach out ahead of your move. We recommend informing your supplier of the last day of your tenancy as soon as it is confirmed, and looking at which providers are available at your new address at the same time.

Your existing supplier may offer to transfer your connection, but unless you are still within your minimum commitment period you can usually save by switching supplier.


The timeline for closing and connecting utilities when you move

Four weeks before you move

  • Contact your current broadband supplier and let them know you’re moving out
  • Book internet installation at your new home
  • Check you have contact details for your other providers

One week before you move

  • Let your local Council know you’re moving
  • Contact our new Council with the details of your new address and your finalised move date

On Moving Day

  • Take closing meter readings for electricity, gas and water
  • Take opening meter readings when you arrive at the new property

One week after the move

  • Send your closing meter readings and move-out date to your previous suppliers for electricity, gas and water
  • Send your opening meter readings and move-in date to the current suppliers at your new home
  • Compare energy tariffs and decide if you want to switch suppliers.
  • Get your new internet connection set up


Get help connecting utilities at your new home

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