What’s the best month to move house?

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Of all the questions that come up when you plan a move, ‘What’s the best month to move home?’ might not seem obvious.

Many home moves are based on necessity. Accepting a new job, welcoming a new family member or moving to study are all common reasons that a home move might need to happen to a specific schedule.

If you have more flexibility in when you move, however, choosing the right move date is an easy way to save money and stress.


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Choosing your move date

We’ve already covered how to choose the best day of the week to move home on this blog. If you’re free to choose your move month, you can use similar ideas to choose the perfect date.

Just like with days of the week, some moving months are more popular for good reason. However, the more in demand a date is the more you can expect to pay to move then.
To get the best deal, weigh up your priorities for moving home. If you can, choosing a less popular but still suitable date will save you money.


When’s the most popular month to move house?

Research conducted by reallymoving and the Home Owner’s Alliance found that the most popular month to move home in the UK is August. With 3 in 10 households moving on a Friday, the last Friday in August is the overall most popular day to move.

There are several reasons August is such a popular choice of move month. One is the fact that it falls in the holidays for schools and universities. Many families with school age children choose to move during the summer to minimise the disruption to their children’s learning. Similarly, August is a start and end date for many tenancies to fit around the academic calendar.

August also has the benefit of a bank holiday, providing a guaranteed long weekend to many workers. May is also an appealing move month because of it’s two bank holidays. While moving on a bank holiday itself is expensive – if you can find a firm that’s operating at all – moving the Friday before gives an extra ‘free’ day to settle in.


Does the weather affect the best month to move house?

One unfortunate reality of moving home in the UK is there is a good chance of rain on your moving day. It typically rains 130 to 170 days a year in the UK, the equivalent of four to six months of washouts.

Moving on a rainy day adds several complications to the process. Cardboard moving boxes can quickly become unusable when wet, so extra caution is needed when using your van. You also can’t use your garden or any outside space for temporary storage as you rearrange furniture, and slippery underfoot conditions make carrying heavy furniture treacherous.

If you want the best odds of moving on a sunny – or at least dry – day you should move between May and August.


What’s the cheapest month to move house?

As we discussed above, the more desirable a moving date is the more you can expect to pay. Therefore, if budget is your main concern, your best option is a move between the New Year and Easter.

As well as the rush of moves in July and August during the school break, property sales also pick up in November and December as movers try to complete before the New Year. Post January, the lull in moves means you’ll have more options for movers and should be able to find a better deal.


What is the best month to move house?

The choice of the best month to move ultimately depends on you and your circumstances. Are you looking to get the best deal? If you can handle moving in the rain and aren’t affected by term times then January or February is the right pick. If your only option is moving during the summer break, finding a date in July will be easier than August.

Ultimately, the choice of the perfect date to move is up to you. We hope this information helps you make your decision!


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