What happens when you change energy providers?

by | Jun 29, 2023 | Electricity & Gas, Moving Guides

New fixed-rate energy tariffs are available, and by now you’ve probably heard the advice to change energy providers to take advantage. If you’ve never switched providers before you might be unsure of what you’ll have to do, but don’t panic – the process is super straightforward.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to everything that will happen when you change energy providers. Still have questions? Check out our energy switching FAQ here, or book a free call with one of our Connections Experts. They’ll help you choose a great-value new energy tariff, walk you through the changeover and answer any questions you might have.

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Can I change my energy provider?

If you live in a home with a public energy supply you can change energy providers whenever you want. This applies to tenants as well as homeowners.

Those living in developments with private electricity supplies, such as some flats with all-inclusive utilities, aren’t able to change their supplier.

If you’re still under contract with another provider you can switch supplier but you will be charged an exit fee.


What happens when I change energy providers?

When you change energy providers there will be no physical change at your property. No one will need to come to your property, you won’t have to be home and there’ll be no charge for the switch.

Your local electricity supply is managed by your energy distributor, which never changes. Your distributor will keep your power on without interruption.

Your energy provider or supplier is the company you buy your energy from. Here’s what will happen when you change your provider:


Step One

You choose a new energy tariff, and either contact your new provider yourself or make the process simple by using a free utility concierge like Please Connect Me.


Step Two

You agree to the terms of your new energy tariff and request the switchover. You’ll be given the date that the switchover will be completed.


Step Three

Your new provider reaches out to your old provider to inform them of the change. Your old provider begins to close your current energy accounts.


Step Four

On the switchover date, your new provider will contact you asking for opening meter readings. These are used to calculate your energy usage.


Step Five

You’ll receive a closing bill by post from your previous energy provider. If you were in credit when your account closed you’ll receive a refund to your on-file payment method.


Step Six

Your new provider will bill you on your agreed dates based on your usage. If you’re unhappy after the switch, you’ll have two weeks to cancel and return to your previous provider without paying an exit fee.

Not sure about switching? Read our Energy Switching FAQ for more information on changing energy providers, or book a free call with one of our Connections Experts and have all your questions answered.

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