9 ways to save energy at Christmas

by | Dec 19, 2023 | Bills, Electricity & Gas

With energy bills still high, households across the UK are looking for ways to save energy at Christmas. The festive season can place enough strain on household budgets before you even begin to factor in the extra energy used. We’ve collected our tips for saving energy this holiday season so you can worry less about your utilities and more about enjoying yourself.

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Switch to LEDs 

Switching your Christmas tree lights from incandescent bulbs to efficient LEDs can reduce the amount of electricity your tree uses by up to 90%. LED bulbs also heat up much less than classic fairy lights. This saves energy- and also means they’re safer to use around paper or other flammable decorations.


Use Solar

Your LED lights will add nothing to your utility bills if you opt for a solar-powered display. Solar lights work best outside, where they can drink in sunlight all day and light your garden in the evening. Enjoy a beautiful display while still saving energy at Christmas.


Time your lighting

Displays of lights and decorations are beautiful, but there’s no reason to have them lit up when no one is around. By connecting your lights and decor to plug timers you can set them to come on automatically as night falls and switch off when you head to bed. No more having to run back downstairs when you realise you left the tree turned on.


Pick the right spot for your tree

The location of a central piece of decor can be a key factor in saving energy at Christmas time. Placing a tree – or any large piece of furniture or decoration – in front of your radiator blocks heat from circling in the room. Keeping your tree clear will help your home feel warmer, and it’ll stop your tree from drying out as quickly.


Roast in shifts

Most people manage to pack their ovens full on the big day, but you should also keep efficiency in mind in the lead-up to the main event. Bake cakes and pies at the same time that you roast vegetables and save energy by only heating the oven once. Write out a list of everything you’ll be cooking over the festive period and look for opportunities to share oven time.


Hob hacks

When you’re cooking on the stovetop, make sure to match the ring to the pan you’re using and the dish you’re cooking. Oversized rings lose heat around the sides of pans, and using too large a pot will mean you’re using more heat than necessary. Putting a lid on boiling vegetables and sauces will also save energy as they’ll heat up quicker and stay warm longer.


Watch the thermostat

Cooking a large meal and having a house full of guests will warm your home, independent of your central heating. If you feel things getting warmer, reach to turn down the heating before taking off your jumper. Take advantage of the extra heat, and return your thermostat to normal once the house is empty.


Send Santa to the back door to save energy at Christmas

It may be Father Christmas’s usual point of entry, but the chimney is also a major culprit for losing heat from your home. A chimney balloon or sheep will block off cold breezes and stop precious warm air from escaping. Just make sure to let Santa know not to use the normal entrance!


Give the gift of energy-saving

If you’re gifting electronics this year – or if you’re treating yourself in the Black Friday or January sales – check for the energy efficiency grade of each product. Since 2021, the rating scale goes from A – G, with A-rated devices being the most efficient. An A-rated appliance will not only have a lower carbon footprint, it will also cost less to run over the coming years.


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