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A TV Licence is a legal requirement if you watch or record any broadcast TV service. A TV Licence is a legal requirement if you watch or record any broadcast TV service.

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* Electricity unit rate 28.62p per kWh plus standing charge of 53.4p per day and Gas unit rate 7.42p per kWh plus standing charge of 29.6p per day. Values might not match exactly due to rounding. Based on the Government's Energy Price Guarantee rates and customer with typical usage, paying by direct debit and including VAT at 5%. Rates and standing charges are averages and will vary by region, payment method and meter type. Water rates and typical usage are taken from Thames Water. Unit rates will vary by area and supplier. Rates are effective from 1 April 2024.

Energy Price Cap unit rates & standing charges

The energy price cap is a maximum limit set on energy bills for customers who aren’t under contract. It’s adjusted every 3 months based on wholesale energy prices. Our calculator uses the current price cap units (see right).





Unit Rate

5.48 p/kWh

22.36 p/kWh

Daily Standing Charge



Setting up Energy in the UK

Setting up Energy in the UK

In this guide, we've included some of the most common questions on energy, including how to set up and manage your energy, the UK's energy...

77 ways to save energy at home

77 ways to save energy at home

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Moving? Let’s sort out your

Utilities in the UK

Utilities in the UK can be confusing. Your Council Tax and water supplier are decided by where you live, whereas you’re free to choose your own energy supplier. If you’re looking for utility help, check out our 100% free expert set up service.

What utilities are there?

‘Utilities’ are your essential home services. These include gas, electricity, water and council tax, as well as broadband, TV and phone.

How much do utility bill cost in 2024?

Your utility bill costs depend on the area you live in, the size of your home and how much energy and water you consume. Use our calculator to get an accurate estimate of your monthly household costs.

How do I set up my utilities?

Usually, setting up utilities requires you reach out to each of your current suppliers, as well as any suppliers you want to switch to. This takes the average mover 7 hours of admin. Alternatively, our free utility set up service can help you arrange all your essential services and new contracts in one short call.

How do I find the best services for my home?

Which suppliers are available at your home depends on your area and the infrastructure in place. This makes comparison tricky – if you want to see all of the options available at your home and a simple breakdown of which would be best for you book your free call with Please Connect Me today an your dedicated Connections Expert will be happy to take you through everything.

How much will the 2024 TV licence cost?

How much will the 2024 TV licence cost?

Update 07/12/23: The government has confirmed the new licence fee will be £169.50 from April. This is a rise of 6.6%, based on the rate of inflation...

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