How to register for Council Tax

Mar 22, 2018 | Council Tax, Moving Guides, Services


There are over 400 Council’s in the UK, which means the process of registering for Council Tax is anything but uniform.

While many councils are heading online to make the process a bit easier, there are still significant discrepancies in the information they ask for – and the first challenge is actually finding out who your Council is!

In light of the above, the easiest way to get your Council Tax organised is through Please Connect Me! Moving house is time consuming and stressful enough as it is – so why not let our professionals take care of this part for you?

Just fill out our easy online form here, and we’ll give you a call to get the information we need. Fortunately, the core information that council’s ask for is fairly standard (the main challenge is finding out how to give it to them!) so when we speak to you – we’ll always ask the following information to help set up your Council Tax account:

  • The names of everyone over the age of 18 living in the property
  • Whether the property is rented or purchased
  • Your move in and tenancy start/completion date date
  • The name of your letting agent (for renters) or estate agent (for buyers)
  • The name of your landlord (for renters) or solicitor (for buyers)
  • Whether your property was furnished or unfurnished
  • And your last UK address (if you have one!)

Armed with this information, Please Connect Me can register you with any council in the UK – we can even tell you how much you’ll expect to pay, and make sure you’re aware of any discounts, exemptions or other benefits you can take advantage to make sure we keep your bills as low as possible.

Sound good? We think so too! For more information give us a call or register via our online form.

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