How can I exchange currency when moving to the UK from abroad?

Mar 23, 2018 | Articles, Other Services, Services


Moving house is hectic at the best of times, let alone when you are moving across from an entirely different country. One priority when moving into the UK from overseas will be exchanging currency into pounds, as you won’t get too far without money.


How do I exchange currency when moving to the UK?

It is simple! Get in touch with us and we can direct you through the process. We work with a trusted partner called TorFX, who transfer currency across for customers all the time. We will just need to take a few contact details from you, as well as information about the exchange, and then you will be set up with a direct call from TorFX.


Why go for TorFX when exchanging currency?

First of all, they will beat any rate that banks offer – guaranteed. The most important thing about exchanging currency is undoubtedly the rate, as if this is poor you will literally be losing money. So why go for anything but the best rates? TorFX are committed to offering the very best exchange rates to all Please Connect Me customers.

Another fantastic selling point that TorFX offers is the flexibility of their service. When you exchange through them, there is no minimum or maximum amount of currency that you can exchange, so you will have total freedom and choice.

TorFX also boasts award-winning customer service and value, and you will even get a dedicated account manager when using their service.


Are TorFX they secure and regulated? 

Yes, TorFX are regulated by both HMRC and FCA. They hold the highest credit rating with Dun and Bradstreet, an independent, international market data and analytics firm. They are fully licensed as a money transmitter and have a rating of 9.5 out of 10 on Trustpilot.


What information will I need to provide to use TorFX’s service?

Before we put you through with TorFX, you will obviously need to quickly provide us with a range of details about the transaction that you are looking to make. See below to find out what information you need to give:

-Full name

-Date of move to UK (approximate)

-Currencies exchanging

-Phone number and email

-Any other piece of information that may be relevant (e.g. best time to contact)


I want to go ahead and use TorFX’s service, what do I do now? 

To use TorFX’s currency exchange service, just get in touch and we will sort everything out for you! All you have to do is supply the details we listed above, tell us what time you are free to take a call and then you will be all set to benefit from TorFX’s unique service to Please Connect Me customers.

We are just a free call away. So if you want to go ahead with exchanging through TorFX or want to find out any more information, get in touch. You will get straight through to one of our advisors who can assist you on the matter!


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