7 things to do before the energy price increase tomorrow

by | Mar 31, 2022 | Bills, Council Tax, News

When are energy bills going up?

With Ofgem’s energy price cap rise coming into effect tomorrow, average energy bills will increase from £1,277 to £1,971, expecting to impact 22 million customers across the UK.

Households will be seeing the biggest rise in living costs so far due to soaring inflation and utility bill increases.


Am I affected by the price increase?

If you are currently on a standard variable tariff, you are going to be affected by the price increase. You will receive notifications of price increases on electricity and gas if you have not already.


What can I do to prepare?


  1. Take your meter reading today ahead of the price increase

    To avoid paying more than you should, it is crucial to make accurate readings of your energy usage before the new rates come into effect. It is best to report your meter readings online, as a lot of suppliers’ phone lines are experiencing unusually high volumes.


  2. Register for a smart meter

    Smart meters record the exact amount of energy you use and submit it automatically to your supplier, so you never overpay for your usage They also show real-time energy usage at the property so you can see where you can reduce consumption and save money.


  3. Stay up to date with available tariffs

    With your Please Connect Me account, you will be notified when new tariffs become available so you can make the best and informed choices about what’s best for your household.


  4. Review your other household bills

    It would be worthwhile to review your other household spending on your other utilities and bills like broadband. Being out of contract could mean you are spending more for the same service.


  5. Save energy whenever you can

    Your energy bill is based on your usage, so energy-saving habits will also save you money. Run full laundry loads on the eco setting, only boil the amount of water you need in the kettle, switch your household lights to LED bulbs and turn them off when they’re not in use, or try turning your heating down by 1 degree.


  6. Watch out for the £150 Council Tax Rebate

    For households in Council Tax band A to D, a £150 Council tax rebate will be available to claim, or paid automatically to your accounts if you pay by direct debit),starting early April. The rebate will also be available to those in exemption classes N, S, U and W. You can check your tax band here. If you already know your Council Tax band, you can check how much you have to pay below:

  7. Check for help available to you

    If you are not eligible for the Council Tax rebate, there is a £140 million discretionary fund set up for households that are struggling. You can reach out to your local council and they will be able to advise you on the support available to you.


Confused? We’re here to help

Should you have any questions about your energy or utility bills in general, our Connections Experts are happy to help. You can contact us at +44(0)800 368 8551 or support@pleaseconnectme.co.uk

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